Lekiba wins Vodacom’s Race to Riches house

MASERU — It was not exactly a true “rags to riches” story.

But 41-year-old school teacher, Bereng Lekiba, seemed to care little about that.

Lekiba, a teacher at Mamohau High School in Leribe, won a two-bedroom house in the Vodacom Race to Riches competition that had been running since last August.

The house is in Masowe in Thetsane.

Lekiba told the Weekender the prize came as a surprise to him.

“I am lost for words. The Almighty’s glory is shining on me,” Lekiba said.

He said although he already owns another house in Maputsoe he was delighted to own another one in Maseru.

“I have a house in Maputsoe where I live with my wife and my child. We are still yet to decide what to do with the new house. It is so beautiful,” he said.

The house has a toilet and an open plan kitchen and lounge.

Lekiba said it was now clear to him that Vodacom Lesotho was not just about making money but had a commendable programme to plough back resources to Basotho.

“Vodacom is not only about making money but giving back to society. I won a house and others won grocery hampers, household appliances and prize money.

“I urge Basotho to participate in competitions like these for the betterment of their lives,” Lekiba said.

Another lucky customer, Palesa Thakabanna, walked home M10 000 richer.

Thakabanna said she will use the money to pay school fees for her son.

“I am excited and am at a loss for words. I may not have won a house but the money is going to help me buy more building materials to finish the house I am building,” Thakabanna said.

She said she sent 10 ‘smses’ during the competition.

Vodacom Lesotho’s marketing co-ordinator, Tsotetsi Seema, said the competition was one way the company gave back to society.

“We are forever grateful for their support and through initiatives like this we are giving back to the community for keeping Vodacom a profitable company,” he said.

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