Lefate star in trouble

MASERU — Lefate’s dreadlocked singer, Molibeli Mokake, is in trouble for alleged reckless driving and failure to report a car accident that occurred in Butha-Buthe in March.

Mokake, whose stage name is Stlofa, is also accused of removing the vehicle from the accident scene without involving the police.

Kwaito musician Charles Nkheloane, one of the four people in the car when the accident happened, has opened the case against Mokake.

Nkheloane, popularly known as Manyofi, said he decided to take legal action more than three months after the accident because he was denied compensation for the injuries he suffered.

Butha-Buthe police officer ‘Mapheello Mei this week confirmed the report had been filed under case number of RTO270509.

“The driver is accused of reckless driving and failure to report the accident to the police,” Mei told the Lesotho Times.

It could however not be established when the case would be taken to court.

Mokake was driving when the accident happened about a kilometre from Butha-Buthe, 125km north of Maseru.

The car, identified as a Caddy VW, veered off the road and overturned after the driver lost control at a curve.

Mokake and disc-jockey Lebohang Mofokeng are said to have been trapped in the car, but they escaped with minor injuries together with little-known musician Abia Tseppe.

But Manyofi had to be rushed to Butha-Buthe Hospital where doctors said he had suffered internal bleeding.

He lost a front tooth and had to be sutured eight times around the mouth area.

Manyofi claimed he was forced to open the case against his fellow musician after he was denied compensation by his insurance company.

He had claimed compensation for the medical costs he incurred, which by this week he said had run up to more than M4 000.

But the insurance firm allegedly turned down the claim, saying Manyofi ought to produce a police report of the accident first.

“I could not be compensated after the accident because it was not reported to the police,” Manyofi said.

“The only option I had was to report this matter to the police and open a case against Stlofa.”

Mokake this week said he had not heard from Butha-Buthe police.

“There is nothing like that,” he told the Lesotho Times.

“Where do you get all that and who has been feeding you all these lies?”

Mokake however confirmed that he had not reported the accident to the police.

“I did not report the accident to the police because there were no injuries,” he said.

He said it was the responsibility of his employer to report the accident.

Although Mokake claimed there was no one injured in the accident, Manyofi saw his doctor for a check-up on Tuesday.

Manyofi said he still had problems with his ear, ribs and teeth since the accident happened.

The two musicians are no longer on talking terms.

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