Lefate in harmony once again

MASERU — Lefate members Lethapa Tikiso and Molibeli Mokake (pictured) have made up after a row that threatened to tear up the youthful musical duo.

Tikiso, popularly known as Damario, last week told the Weekender the group was on the verge of a split over claims made by his colleague in an interview with another paper.

He was “pissed” that Mokake, also known as Stlofa, had claimed to be the main man behind Lefate’s productions.

Tikiso also said he was fed up with Mokake’s alleged bad behaviour.

However, this week the duo was singing a different tune.

Tikiso said they had talked over their differences and were now working together again harmoniously.

“Mokake understood and explained himself to the office and finally apologised,” said Tikiso, without elaborating further.

“Everything is fine as previously.”

Mokake said he was also surprised by the claims Tikiso had made in the interview with the Weekender.

He said he thought everything was always okay between him and Tikiso.

“I was not aware of the conflict until I read the (Weekender) article,” said Mokake.

However, Mokake confirmed they had met to iron out their differences.

“After reading the article we talked and the situation is now normal,” he said.

“We are still a team and in harmony.”

Lefate is one of the few promising musical groups in the country.

Their debut album, Life is Like a Lie, won them an accolade at Lesotho’s national music awards in 2007.

Last year the duo released their second album, Ha Le Lapa Lea Solla.

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