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Lefa unveil new attire sponsor

by Lesotho Times

MASERU — The Lesotho Football Association (Lefa) on Tuesday unveiled a new kit sponsor for all the national soccer teams.

“I officially announce that Lefa is in partnership with Basutoland Ink for the five years and this company will help all national teams with attire,” said Mikea Kalati, Lefa’s communications officer.

Basutoland Ink, a local clothing brand, will manufacture the sports apparel for all national teams for the next five years.

Kalati said although the uniform will be officially launched in October the sponsorship deal has already been signed.

The national team, Likuena, will be the first to have a feel of the new attire when they play against Burundi in November.

“The apparel and all its details will be officially launched end of October and in November, Lesotho will be using that attire against Burundi,” Kalati said.

Lesotho will have to go past Burundi for it to proceed to the 2014 World Cup qualifying matches.

Basutoland Ink marketing manager, Karabo Maitin, said the deal between his company and Lefa was good news that came after lengthy negotiations.

Maitin said they had already given Lefa all the samples and the association is happy with their design.

“This will be the Lesotho Football Association’s official apparel for the next five years,” he said.

He added that they engaged some of the best designers dealing with sports attires to ensure that they provide both the association and the fans with quality clothing.

“For the past years, fans have not been able to have access to the national team merchandise and that in itself affected players’ performance.

“Now that the fans will be able to buy the merchandise and wear it whenever the national teams are playing, our players will feel motivated.

“This simply promotes the confidence of our players when entering the ground knowing that fans are wearing their merchandise.

“When one feels good, it translates into good performance,” Maitin said.

He said Likuena might not be performing well currently but “it is our own pride.”

“We are going to give fans educational materials to help them identify fake from original Basutoland Ink clothing label.”

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