Lefa unhappy with ministry move

MASERU — The sports ministry has withdrawn a house and vehicle allocated to the Lesotho Football Association (Lefa) in 2009 during former Likuena coach, Zavisa Milosavljevic’s reign.

The ministry took over the house, situated at the Arrival Centre near the Lefa office at Bambatha Tšita Sports Arena, at the end of last month.

A close source to the matter confirmed that the ministry also took the vehicle, an Avanza branded with the Lefa colours and logo around the same time.

The vehicle is now parked at the ministry while the house is currently unoccupied.

“The ministry has taken away both the car and house from the association and Lefa is not happy about it,” the source said on Tuesday.

“They have been coming to the ministry time and again to see if they can have them back,” he said.

Lefa communications officer, Mikea Kalati said only the car had been taken away from the association.

“Only the car has been taken away because our contract with the ministry had expired; a requisition to have it back has already been filled with the ministry,” Kalati said.

The move by the ministry to take over the house and withdraw the vehicle has reportedly not gone down well with the Lefa.

The association was using the two facilities since 2009 when Milosavljevic was fired following a string of poor results with the national soccer team.

Milosavljevic stayed at Maseru Sun hotel for several months and later moved into the fully furniture house before he was sent packing.

After this Lefa was using the facility for Makoanyane XI and Likuena technical teams during their camping and for other official duties.

The association was using the vehicle for its technical team’s daily business.

Sports ministry’s chief information officer, Maqalika Matsepe told the Lesotho Times yesterday he cannot divulge details surrounding the issue of the house and the vehicle.

“It is too early for this issue to be appearing in the media,” Matsepe said.

“The two parties (ministry and Lefa) are still working on the matter and I will get back to you as soon as we are done,” he said.

In a separate interview yesterday, Lefa public relations officer, Baba Malephane said he could not comment on the issue.

“I can’t comment because we are dealing with this issue. Just yesterday (Tuesday) we had a meeting and we are meeting again next week to discuss it,” Malephane said.

“I think it will be premature of us to start talking about the house and car issue as we are still having discussions,” he said.

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