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L-Tore to release debut album

by Lesotho Times
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Nthatuoa Koeshe

LOCAL rapper L-Tore is set to release debut album this year despite winning the Vodacom Superstars competition in 2015.

L-Tore won the competition in the music category and has being releasing a mixture of EPs and singles since rising to stardom.

The rapper told the Weekender in a recent interview that he has not yet come up with the name of the album but fans should a expect a Sesotho orientated album.

L-Tore said he hopes to work with artistes such Mookho Moqhali, Morena Leraba and Kommanda Obbs adding that he also wants to organise a feature with Tshepo Tshola.

“I want to make it a vibrant Sesotho in terms of culture and not necessarily the language,” L-Tore said adding, “I want people to feel the sense of being a Mosotho in the music itself”.

“I have kept the title open because it allows for more creative input as time goes on and considering how the industry is constantly changing and evolving, I feel this has always benefited me.”

The singer said the project is expected to be released onto the market anytime between August and November because the period is the “ideal time to release music”.

“This is somehow the best time to release music especially if the music was recorded throughout the year,” he said. He also said the period is ideal as most people would be geared for the festive season and are more likely to spend money on music.

L-tore said since he has been in the industry for several years, he felt this was the right time to release his debut album. He said he is also ready to finance the project.

“In the past I was unable to finance an album but now I think I am ready. I am now well-placed to get funds through sponsorship,” he said.

Born Lerato Leteka, L-Tore has been working on different projects which include his 15-track EP titled Royalty Mind which was released in November 2017 and one titled Royalty Presents the commercial mix which was a deluxe edition of songs he had done prior to winning the Vodacom Superstars competition in 2015.

After releasing his first EP in November 2017, L-Tore then released Freestyle Friday in April 2018.

Commenting on the local music industry, L-Tore said it was a constantly fluctuating industry with a lot of ups and downs

“It is an interesting but confusing game because one minute you think project is hot then the next you realise it’s not,” he said.

Although he sees a future for local music, he says a few issues like the copyright law need to be readjusted for it to flourish.

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