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Kommanda Obbs’ releases self-titled album

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Mamohlakola Letuka

SOUTH-AFRICA based rapper, Kommanda Obbs, has released a self-titled album which advocates for unity among African countries.

The self-titled album is a reflection of the T’sepe hit maker’s musical journey especially now that he is focusing on the growth of his brand.

The album features African artistes such as Nigerian, Eme, legendary local jazz musician, Bhudaza Mapefane and South African rappers, Proverb and Mapule, among others.

Kommanda Obbs is focused on my individual journey outside his group, D2AMajoe movement,” Kommanda Obbs said.

“I am now taking a break from the movement.”

He since the release of the album last weekend, the responses on social media have been favourable.

Although he has gone solo, the artiste said the love for the local “Sotho hop” (hip-hop in Sesotho) kept stirring his passion.

The album has tracks like the title track Kommanda Obbs, Ntho Tsa Ka Boomo, Rolling Stone and Sucker for love.

He was signed by South African label, Native Rhythms Records, 2015 where he recorded and released an extended play, KETEU.

He later released the single, Mabelebele, that also features on the album.

On the track, the singer who has a strong sense of pan Africanism laments how Africans are easily swayed by the glitz and glamour and fly by night trends at the expense of their culture.

He however, vows to remain true to his roots and says he is “here to stand his ground”.

Although the responses have been fair, he said, he said there was need for local audiences to adapt to digital releases.

“It is a revolution and I would like to believe it has sold better than other local albums online,” he said.

He describes his music as a sub-genre of hip hop that delivers a message in Sesotho thereby instilling confidence in youths.

Kommanda Obbs said his music is influenced by love and patriotism.

He started his career in 1998 and has been heavily influenced by Sesotho traditional music, hip-hop and African cultures.

Kommanda Obbs said he realised that the industry needed a new flavour and created the sound that he calls T’sepe (Sesotho for steel/iron) which figuratively refers to his hard-hitting lyricism.

In 2006, Kommanda Obbs released an underground hip-hop mixtape titled Complex Mind Set Volume 1 which has been played on local radio and also broken barriers into South Africa.

He has performed at different events in South Africa and Lesotho and was last year nominated for a One Africa Award at the 16th edition of the annual Metro FM Music Awards in 2017.

The album is a blend of different fusions, among them jazz and Nigerian pop. Some of the tracks are prayerful as the artiste thanks God for his assistance through his musical journey.

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