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Kommanda Obbs releases Hure video

by Lesotho Times

Nthatuoa Koeshe

SOUTH AFRICA based rapper, Kommanda Obbs has released the video for his Hure and has already broken barriers by playing on channels like Channel O and other music platforms.

The track Hure, which features Nigerian musician Eme, is part of his self-titled album which was released last May.

He said the album is available in musical stores and digital music platforms while it is also on social media to ensure that the artiste moves with trends.

Kommanda Obbs told the Weekender that Hure was about a reckless, dangerous and toxic love for a partner who is always up to mischief and always gets them into trouble but the other lover always remains steadfast.

“The song portrays a love story of a guy in love with a troublesome girl but he still loves her despite her wayward character,” Kommanda Obbs said.

In the song Kommanda Obbs raps in Sesotho and on his verses and he describes a gangster girlfriend who is true to herself and is a go-getter, no mediocre.

The video which was shot in South Africa is set in dilapidated multiple story buildings and has as simple staircase as props. While the video itself does little in telling the story since it has just two characters looking all cozy, the singer says the emphasis is on the female lover’s steadfastness preceding her wayward character.

The lack of action and characters on the video is complemented by the exceptional video quality which will certainly leave the singer on a different patch.

“She is troublesome but she is his pillar of strength. She is indeed a bad girl who parties hard yet reliable to get the job done. That is type of girl that truly drives a man crazy,” he said.

Eme sings in Ibibio, Pidgin English and a Yoruba, languages which are all spoken in different parts of Nigeria. On the track she shows her appreciation portraying how there is no love like the one her partner gives her.

“She also concedes that she is a bad girl that people are talking saying that she is bad for him; which is why she loves the way her continues to love her despite her ways.

“The song is a twist of Afro beat, with two artistes representing two African cultures,” Kommanda Obbs said.

The track was produced by Cyberbeats, with Sthe on the keys and Nigerian guitarist Kunle Ayo on the acoustic.

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