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Kissing a random guy

by Lesotho Times
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YOURS truly is nursing a mild heartbreak.

 Mild, because it was not the truly-madly-deeply kind of an affair.

I could be placed under the secret admirers category but I had intended to break the ice last weekend.

I wanted to do it at the right place and at the right time.

In keeping with the Bacchus tradition there is no better place nor better time than the watering hall on a Friday night.

In case you didn’t know, most of your mothers met your fathers in one night spot or the other during their days.

Or else why do you think your whole clan is made up of congenital alcoholics?

 When I walked into the bar with my usual entourage she was already there with her posse.

I didn’t go to her immediately. I was going to wait for the right moment.

So I dutifully went through the traditional formalities — ordering the waiter to bring the “usual” for me and my homies and then exchanging hugs with the resident drinkers and all the other culprits.

A chat here and a laugh there, all in the name of good cheer.

We then chose a strategic table which, as usual, gave us full view of the holy bar and its goings-on.

Then it happened just after a few cold ones. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

 I saw Palesa kissing a guy in the middle of the bar. I pulled her best friend aside and asked who he was.

She told me it was some random guy.

Palesa had been fighting with her ex and just wanted to have some fun I was told.

Palesa and I worked together and shared an office together with the other workmates.

She seemed reserved but I was really interested in her. We talked at work and chatted online on a regular basis. 

I had recently told myself I would wait for the monthend to ask her out on a date.    Good thing I waited. 

I was extremely surprised to see her making out with a random dude — it just didn’t seem like something she would do.

A part of me was no longer interested in her because of it.

I don’t want to date a girl that randomly made out with guys “for fun” or just because she’s going through a rough patch in her life. 

With a puzzled look across her face, her friend asked: “Why did you ask who the guy was?”

I told her I was interested in Palesa but “seeing that,” I said, pointing in their direction, “I don’t know if I should be.” 

She told me this wasn’t a normal thing for Palesa, but she’d had a rough week and was just looking to get it out of the way.  I ended up not pursuing her.

For all I know, she probably wouldn’t even be interested in me but I was already turned off.

Some might say it’s not a big deal.

But to yours truly these little things matter. She wasn’t drunk when she was doing this, so that’s not an excuse.

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