Kingdom Classics belt out Sesotho renditions



Kingdom Classics is a Local Pop-Classic  (4)Mohalenyane Phakela

KINGDOM Classics put up a sterling show on Sunday and lived up to their promise to deliver something different by performing Sesotho renditions of their pop-classic songs.

The annual Easter/Winter concert, which was held at Maseru Sun Cabanas, had been the quartet’s first show after the Valentine’s Day show was cancelled due to group members’ work commitments.

To the delight of their adoring fans, Kingdom Classics performed in Sesotho such songs as the Spanish classic, Hasta Li Finale, which means till death do us apart, titling it Ke Tlao Rata ho isa Lefung.

According to group member, Tuoe Hantši, the performance of the Sesotho renditions was meant to gauge the audience’s response, which would also inform how they would structure their future shows. Kingdom Classics’ fusion of classical music from as long back as the 18th century with contemporary sounds has earned them rave reviews over the years.

“This was an experimental song to find out how our fans would feel if we translated these songs into Sesotho,” Hantši told the Weekender after the show.

“The reason for this new approach is that we want them to not only love our songs but to understand them as well.”

He added that, in light of the audience’s response, they would now work on translating “at least 10 songs” ahead of their Independence Day show on 2 October.

Kingdom Classics performed 35 songs, in the meticulously choreographed show, that were divided into three sets and punctuated by intervals. After each break, the quartet would change into different attire reflecting the mood of the new set.

Guest performers, Accapella Moments, also acquitted themselves well as they fused their deep voices with a beatbox complimented by a soprano sound. They performed songs from their recently released debut album, Moment in Time while also interacting with the audience.


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