King Letsie III meets national rugby team

king letsieBy Moorosi Tsiane

MASERU — His Majesty King Letsie III urged Basotho to rally behind the newly assembled Lesotho Rugby national team, Likatola.

The country’s head of state said this during a press briefing held at the Royal Palace as the Federation of Lesotho Rugby (FLR) introduced the team to him.

“I thank FLR for the good job they are doing to promote the sport in our country and it is only if they have our support as a nation that we can see rugby growing like other sporting codes,” His Majesty said.

King Letsie III applauded the rugby federation for introducing the sport to Basotho.

“I am pleased to hear that the sport is not only being played here in the capital town but across the country.

He said the sport can do even better with more resources and urged the federation to work towards getting playing fields that will suit rugby.

“It is a great achievement to see rugby being introduced to the youth of this country because back then it was only seen as a sport for the whites,” said the king.

Lesotho Sports and Recreation Commission (LSRC) president, Limpho Mokhochane, was also present when the rugby team was introduced to the king.

Maseru Kings is the first rugby team in the country and was established in 2011.

The rugby federation on the other hand only became an affiliate of the Lesotho Sports and Recreation Commission in March last year.

FLR vice president, Selia-lia Lefeta, said their ambition is to see the sport grow and become popular in the country.

“The plan is to make sure that there are more rugby teams playing in our leagues across the country to help improve the sport,” Lefeta said.

He said they already have four teams Special Operating Unit Cobras, Centre for Accounting Studies team, NUL Spears and Maseru Kings playing on a regular basis.

“We have also introduced the sport at primary and high school level so that young players grow up playing and appreciating the game,” he said.

“Mabathoana, Sefika and Lesotho High schools already have teams that are playing rugby and we have approached a number of primary schools that are keen to introduce the sport,” said Lefeta with enthusiasm.


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