Khubetsoana-born DJ makes waves in SA

MASERU — A Khubetsoana-born disc jockey (DJ) is making waves in the South African house music and radio industries.

Thato “Deejay Saxzo” Sakoane who started off at a campus radio station at Cape Peninsula University of Technology some years ago has landed a slot at SABC’s GoodHope FM in Cape Town.

Deejay Saxzo, who was crowned Cape Town ambassador for one of South Africa’s house music producers, Soul Candy in 2010, says his compilation of house mixes were now being played internationally.

“I am releasing mixes monthly under a project called Pre-Party Sessions Mixes.

“The mixes have been quite successful in both South Africa and Lesotho and thanks to an Ireland based DJ, Paulo Arruda who I worked with, now they have reached as far as that country.”

Saxzo said his mission was not to make money but a name for himself.

He says he has since established his own recording company which he co-owns with two other artists from South Africa.

“After experiencing a lot of challenges while knocking at doors, I worked on establishing a record label called Vintage Records SA alongside with Teboho Khalema and Lydna Vawn,” Saxzo said.

“It is easier to penetrate the music industry that way; now I can be everywhere around South Africa if there’s a booking.”

Saxzo is delighted that he has had an opportunity to take his music talent to other African countries.

“I have just returned from Botswana. Even though it was an emergency booking we received lots of love from the people that side. In December I will be in Namibia,” he added.

The DJ told the Weekender his music is both a career and a hobby.

“I love my music and I do it for fun but at the same time its business and bills have to be paid.”

Saxzo said that his love for music and radio started at a tender age and blossomed when he arrived in South Africa.

The determined artiste is delighted that his hard work has paid off.

“I remember when I was only 15 I applied for a job at PC FM, hoping they would consider me but I was rejected,” he said.

He said this did not however deter him.

“My chance came when I joined Campus Radio and that’s when it started. Three years later, there was a GoodHope FM (campus) search presenter competition where I made it to the quarter-finals.

“A friend who had won the competition from the previous year introduced me as a feature artist on her show and then her producer happened to like what I was doing there and I was in,” Sakoane said.

“I am now a DJ, radio personality and a music producer, all self-taught,” he said.

Although he is based in South Africa, Saxzo can be heard on the local Ultimate FM on Saturdays between 10am and 11am on the Ultimate Top 40 countdown.

He may be the youngest celebrated DJ in Cape Town but Sakoane still has studies to concentrate on.

“Apart from radio and DJing, I’m a student in informatics and software development. This is not an easy stream but I’m surviving,” he said.

Sakoane told the Weekender he tries to appeal to his crowd and it’s not a very difficult task.

“I think the uniqueness of my style makes it easy for me to blend with the crowd. From my music style, fashion and how everything is all presented I prefer to play music I think people will like. I like to keep my people on their toes.”

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