Keep safe this Xmas



THE Christmas and New Year mood has kicked-in and many people are in a celebratory mood. A lot of people are looking forward to spending more time with their loved ones and of course, to spoil them as they kiss 2017 goodbye. Most roads are already busy than normal and are expected to become even busier this coming weekend, as people travel to various places, some to getaway from the city and its problems and enjoy the clean and crispy fresh air in the mountains. Others have invested in quality time in the beautiful places around Lesotho.

Christmas shopping intensified this week with all clothing retailers’ and supermarkets packed, as spending money is usually more exciting during this time, than any other time of the year. The only thing that matters for many parents is to ensure they get the right sizes for shoes and clothes for their children before shops run out of the latest fashion in town. For Christmas party planners, they are probably thinking, this year they should be bigger with lots of alcohol, food and music to dance the night away.

Christmas means a lot of things to many people. Most Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and draw much closer to their Lord and Saviour. It is therefore not strange that such devoted Christians would choose to spend their quality time in church, praying, celebrating and giving thanks for all the protection and blessings they received throughout the year.

In our story on page 9, both the Ministry of Transport and the Lesotho Mounted Police are aware of the excitement that Christmas and New Year holidays bring, and urge people not to forget to celebrate responsibly. They remind us that, this is the time when robbers also get excited and usually make big hits, breaking into the homes of people away on holiday or taking advantage of drunk revellers at some parties. For those who drink to compensate for all the months they were responsible, chances are that they would either end up in bloody fights or driving back home with all precaution out of the window. However, for some families, these happy days are a vivid reminder of the nightmare they know can easily steal one’s happiness. They have lost their loved ones under various circumstances, including road accidents, and sometimes, it was an innocent man and woman who just happened to be on the road at the wrong time. End of year parties and family gatherings should therefore not mark an end of life, destruction of property, violence and loss of property, but should be a precious time during when people look back and celebrate all their yearly milestones, both small and big, while looking forward to doing better in 2018.

Deputy Transport Minister, Ts’ehlo Ramarou, emphasised the need for all people to drive responsibly and to respect traffic regulations. He advised people to condition themselves to a law-abiding mode, to save their lives and of others.

He warned motorists against driving under the influence of alcohol, driving un-roadworthy vehicles and without valid licenses, speeding and failure to buckle up, emphasising safety belts can really save lives. Traffic officers are currently collaborating with the Police to ensure safety on the roads.

Police are already maintaining their heavy presence in strategic areas within towns and in various communities, working with community policing committees for visibility and crime prevention.

However, for those who have developed wisdom over the years after suffering from the severe January disease ailment, they have already paid school fees for next year and set aside some money for school uniforms. They have also not forgotten to stock-up groceries to last them through the slow-moving month of January.


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