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Kaizer answers creative artistes

by Lesotho Times
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Mamohlakola Letuka

LIMKOKWING Film lecturer, Kaizer Matsumunyane has finally provided the answer for numerous local artistes who have over the years yearned for space to showcase their craft.

Matsumunyane in January this year opened Café What? a venue that he hopes to become the most vibrant arts hub in Maseru.

Located in the industrial area of the capital, Café What?, has already hosted some of the biggest concepts among the Wakanda Friday, American poetess, Akua Naru and the Catchy a Vibe networking platform.

Kaizer’s initiative, came as a breath of fresh air for the seemingly stifled Lesotho talent that has struggled to get exposure.

Many cafés have tried to meet the needs but their spaces were either too formal for artistes or too loud for the audience.

But gone are the days when enjoying a good read over a cup of coffee was a struggle after the opening of Café What?, which has several art pieces, pictures and a mini-library.

A creative artiste himself, Matsumunyane said he decided to have a cutting-edge café offering different beverages, from coffee, tea, cocktails and craft beer.

Given the menu, activities and the environment, the name is not misplaced as it has left both patrons and artistes intrigued.

Five bar tables and a small lounge provide sitting space while the contrast of black and white complement the ambience of the relatively small windows at the same time supplemented by clear lighting.

That the place was previously a warehouse is not evident anymore as it now fits well into a fusion of an incubation space, gallery, restaurant and bar to come up with Café What?

It has also hosted discussions, workshops, lectures, performances and film screenings.

The place offers coffee ranges from Colombia, Kenya, Rwanda Costa Rica and Brazil.

“We will utilize the place as a platform for interactions, collaborations, exchange of ideas, expression and creativity,” Matsumunyane said.

“There is hunger for creative and entrepreneurial spaces in Lesotho that can serve as both incubation spaces, co working spaces, coffee shop/bar and event spaces.”

The cafe has a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere and hosts DJs and musicians who offer guests an interactive and varied music selection.

Matsumunyane said the café would also cater for diverse patronage despite one’s religion, background, sexual orientation or race.

“Café What? belongs to game-changers, whether it’s inventive new products, projects with the potential to massively impact communities or films or photography that tell stories.”

He said they also encourage recycling and re-using of waste from the facility.

However, the space is yet to get Wi-Fi connection, a major drawback for the potentially world-class facility.

“We plan to soon offer internet connectivity so that information can be democratised and shared,” Matsumunyane said.

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