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Kabi calls for unity

by Lesotho Times
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Moroke Sekoboto

All Basotho Convention (ABC) leader, Nkaku Kabi, has called for unity among all Basotho irrespective of their political affiliation if Lesotho is to achieve lasting peace and economic stability.

With unity prevailing throughout the Kingdom, Mr Kabi believes the country would be in a much better position to eradicate the high unemployment and extreme poverty which continue to afflict the nation.

Speaking in his home constituency of Qeme on Saturday during his 50th birthday celebrations, Mr Kabi said the ABC was already working with other political parties to find solutions to the country’s economic challenges and rampant crime.

To confirm this unity of purpose, political rivals such as the Revolution for Prosperity (RFP)’s legislators Thuso Makhalanyane and Letlailana Kobeli, as well as Socialist Revolutionaries (SR) leader, Teboho Mojapela, graced Mr Kabi’s Golden Jubilee commemoration.

ABC supporters, clad in their party’s yellow, green and red regalia, also came in large numbers to celebrate with their leader despite the harsh weather conditions prevailing that day in Qeme.

Mr Kabi was born on 10 July 1973 in Mazenod, Maseru. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies and English from the National University of Lesotho, as well as an Honours Degree in Development Administration from the University of South Africa.

“We have to join hands despite our political affiliations, to overcome this extreme poverty, high unemployment and rampant crime paralysing this nation,” Mr Kabi told his guests and party supporters.

“We are already working with other political parties in parliament by holding different forums where we discuss ways of shaping and making Lesotho a better place.

“We need to speak with one voice and enact laws that will scare rapists and killers for them to think twice before committing crimes,” Mr Kabi said, while also expressing his appreciation for the birthday wishes and gifts he had received.

“I am grateful to God for this life and all of you for your wishes and the support you keep showing me in this political journey. We are thankful to you Members of Parliament (MPs) from the governing party who have come to support me even though I am in the opposition. That shows political maturity.”

In his speech, Mr Kobeli, who is the RFP’s Lithoteng legislator, emphasised the importance of unity among Basotho, adding people should not despise each other because of political differences. Mr Kobeli also said the politics of “oil and water” should now be a thing of the past.

“My understanding, as a Mosotho man, is that when Mr Kabi celebrates, I should celebrate with him. I know him as a person, and we only differ politically. I want to explain this: as a nation, when we do not see things the same way, that should not cause hatred amongst us.

“We come a long way with Mr Kabi, even before I came to politics. We even studied at the same university. Despite the different political parties, we are all Basotho. Let us love each other. Do not allow politics to cause hatred and make you not greet each other. I wish you well and quality leadership,” Mr Kobeli said.

Mr Makhalanyane from the Abia constituency, echoed similar sentiments that peace and togetherness were the way to go if people were serious about making Lesotho great again.

“The nation needs us to join hands and rescue it from life’s challenges. We are here to support and celebrate with Mr Kabi as God is protecting him. He is still healthy and leading the ABC,” Mr Makhalanyane said.

“Mr Kabi was my lecturer at Limkokwing University, and I also learnt a lot from him as a great farmer, hence I came to celebrate with him. We should not be divided by politics. We should practice unity and togetherness while also avoiding politics of hatred as they are out-dated. I wish you a happy birthday and I urge ABC supporters to respect their leader.

“As the Abia MP, the ABC founder, Thomas Thabane, whom I succeeded in that constituency, left me big shoes to fill. He was serious about national matters. I reported to the RFP that I was coming here. Some (RFP members) sent their best wishes, while others said you (Kabi) were after our government. Things being right, there should be people holding the government accountable to the promises it made to the voters.”

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