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Just don’t hit on your boy’s chick

by Lesotho Times
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Steaming It Off

EACH and every one of us has dreams, aspirations and a general sense of wants and needs.

Well, if you do not, it may mean you are not exactly part of us — the human race.

Having these “yearnings” is quite normal, though we all know that some people just know how to put a capital “A” in Ambition, which sometimes just sours the whole processes and that is a guarantee for a disaster (that is a story for another day).

So, back to today’s lesson (I’ve always wanted to say that), desire and all the other synonyms you can come up with for the other words above is a clean good way of living, and it is only dampened by those with evil minds or those with simple minds — easily swayed.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with aiming to improve your chances of scoring with the honeys by dreaming of one day owning one of those big, mean, shiny gas guzzlers and then working hard to end up driving it.

However, going out of your way and actually stealing/hijacking one of those beauties is not the way to go.

There are too many cons than pros with that approach.

Mfetho, if your boy’s chick is hot and you have always wanted to get yourself one of those walking accessories, find your own.

Do not mack on your friend’s woman — you will get into trouble one way or the other.

You could do some simple adjustments to help you achieve that, the first being to up your game!

If you are the type that just wants your friend’s girl just-nje then I suggest you get your head checked.

You know it is wrong to covet your neighbour’s wife, right?

Again, always keep in mind that if any part of your body is problematic it may get cut off! (It worked in ancient times, so it may still work now).

And somehow women seem to have mastered this art — envy and snatch!

Sometimes when listing your dreams, desires, and aspirations and so on you should realise that there are a few simple rules.

I cannot list all of them but I think these may still help when paving your way to a better tomorrow and happiness.

I know this may sound a bit lame, but it works (most of the time).

  • Always separate your wants from your needs.

This just simply means know how to prioritise.

You cannot simply put that mega hi-fi stereo as the first thing you are going to buy when you get your first paycheque, yet you have been dreaming (most of your life) to enrol in a short course to better your qualifications.

  • Do not break the law.

Oh please . . . we all know the tune to this track right?

The crime statistics are high. Please do not be part of them.

Some people are driven to trying to achieve their dreams through crime because they are just lazy and they prefer taking short-cuts rather than doing an honest job.

Others are simply misguided or just plain stupid — especially those that get caught!

Maybe some are driven by some dark, sinister forces.

For instance, there was a story of a woman who longed for a baby all her life.

It seems her life was in turmoil because of this, and she decided she was going to get herself a baby one way or the other.

She could have taken a few legal avenues — artificial insemination, adoption or other routes — but she hatched a plan so evil and I hope she is still in jail because she scares me.

To cut the long story short, this woman stalked and ended up kidnapping a pregnant woman, slitting her open with a kitchen knife and stealing the baby.

She left that woman to die in a pool of blood with her guts hanging out.

Evil and very illegal!

Anyway, you can come up with other sensible rules to make your dreams come true.

Just remember there are some other things you are better off without.

Some people dream of having the ability to read minds or having x-ray vision.

Believe me you are better off without those powers.

Just the same as “Johannesburgers” are seriously way better off without a beach (mankind has been spared).

Personally I yearn, wish, hope and dream for a remote-controlled boyfriend!

Can you imagine the possibilities of what you could achieve?

But it is unrealistic and it is a want not a need.

Thus it will just remain a fantasy.

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