It’s time for change in the new year

The year finally came to an end, thank you Almighty, phew, about time!

With that I think you realise that I had been waiting for the end for quite a while!

I tell you, this had been the longest year of my life. It feels like it lasted longer than any other years, seriously!

You always hear someone say, what a long day, for me, what a long year, it felt like three years!

I am sure you get the depth of my relief, mine is not just a sigh, it is an actual inhale, because part way through the year I held my breath for the year to end. I have been doing it since!

I am sure people have been wondering about my expression and decided that it would be too awkward to ask me why I looked like I have been holding waste in!

Actually who in the world came up with the formation of the calendar?

What group of know-it-alls sat down and decided to make the year 365 days? What were they basing themselves on?

I have a whole lot of things I want to say to those great people, but now is neither the time nor the place! “Things will never improve if you do not improve… the best way to predict the future is to create it!”

I am going into the New Year with this quote above as my mantra! I do not know who to thank, as in the original author, but I saw it on a friend’s wall on a social network site and it hit me badly — badly in a good way!

As part of the yet to come improved me, I say thank you to you my social network friend for sharing this beautiful treasure!

First and foremost, I am going to improve my attitude towards all those I have had issues with all year round!

You all know who I am talking about akere? I have a serious problem with people who do stupid things; they just rub me the wrong way from here to high heaven! So, I am going to approach them with an attitude that best suits them! I am going to make sure I open my mind, think like they do, put myself in their corner of the box!

This way I am predicting my future — by predicting that our conversation might end in disaster, I avoid disaster!

But come to think of it, the one sure way of doing this would be to avoid them altogether, but that is impossible!

I plan on improving my list of friends. Yes I said it! I cannot compare my lack of finances with that of a church mouse because I really do not want to offend the said rodents, so you get my drift on how bad in shape my pocket is!

I am sure you are wondering what that has got to do with friendships! Well, I have heard that when you surround yourself with positive and good things, that will rub off you!

So, I want to change my friend list! I want friends with money, friends with jobs and friends who have a positive outlook on life!

Most of all I am editing friends who have the habit of being leeches and nuisances! I want a good life, with good people! Do not get me wrong, I love my friends. I am just saying that those that bring me down will have to go! So, bazala, please make sure you improve too so that our sezala can last way into the New Year!

That said, I intend to improve my attitude towards authority! I will not go into that subject much because I have serious issues on this topic!

I am not the only one I know, so maybe we should form a support group where we can deal with such issues!

On that note, I intend to help those less fortunate than me more this coming year! No, I am not going to give out more clothes and more money; I want to pledge lasting help!

I want to make a difference that goes beyond an old pair of oversized jeans! I believe there is a saying that talks about giving fish and teaching how to fish.

I want to teach how to actually have a fish farm!

That way, besides improving the quality of their lives, they can even improve other people’s lives too!

Makes sense doesn’t it? These and more are not resolutions, so all you thinking that I am going to shelf them as I usually do with every one of my resolutions, all I can say to you is watch the space!

The most difficult challenge I believe I am going to face is resistance to change from some people around me!

Shame, they are going to have to shape up or ship out for real!

So, people at the dawn of the New Year, watch me and learn, even my walk is going to change! It is going to have a certain bounce to it, because I will be singing my mantra to the tune of that strange lady’s track born this way!

Basotho, I wish you all a very prosperous and positive 2012. May you (those who have made them) stick to your resolutions! Be agents of positive change and let us make our country a better place to live in!

Remember you and only you, can make the difference you seek for in your life! Blessings!

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