Innovation earns FNB an accolade

FNBBy ’Mathabana Kotelo

Maseru — First National Bank has once again come out tops at the prestigious Accenture Innovation Index 2013.

FNB was hailed Zenith Innovation Master and walked away with the highest accolade on offer in recognition of its commitment to innovation.

The awards recognise innovation in its truest form — changing the way the world works and lives.

Underpinned by numerous local and global innovation awards, FNB believes that its strategy of customer centricity and innovation is both a value and strategic pillar that has helped set the bank apart from its competitors.

In acknowledgement of the award, FNB Head of Innovators Paul Steenkamp said: “We are delighted and humbled by this award.

“It has affirmed our belief that it is important to legitimise and encourage the pursuit of the innovations aligned to our strategy of Rewarding Relationships with our customers.”

“At FNB we pursue the full spectrum of innovations, from incremental improvements within our business, through to radical and/or systemic innovations that are game changers.

“Our leadership team is committed to protecting and nurturing the culture of innovation within FNB, and building on other drivers of innovation within our business,” said Steenkamp.

FNB has since the launch of the FNB innovators programme in 2004, implemented a total of 8 160 innovative initiatives.

The programme seeks to recognise and reward employees who implement ideas which are aligned to FNB’s strategy, in ways that generate business benefit.

As it celebrates 175 years of existence, FNB has shown commitment to building on existing foundations and looks ahead to the future while staying true to its vision “to build a great business that helps to create a better world”, a stepping stone to which the bank strives to continue to create and innovate in the future.

The Accenture Innovation Index recognises and rewards innovation and systems of innovation in organisations of all sizes in the public and private sectors and aims to stimulate an entrepreneurial innovation mind-set while creating a positive learning spiral in the mastery of innovation by identifying areas of strength and those for development in organisations, industries and at the national level.

This year the index received 190 entries from a range of organisations across multiple industries in South Africa, and forms part of a global index compiled by Accenture.


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