Improve marketing to get sponsors-sports federations told


Leemisa Thuseho

LESOTHO National Olympic Committee (LNOC) head of programmes Pulumo Nchakha has urged national sport federations to improve their marketing to potential sponsors.

To achieve this, Nchakha says, there is a need for the federations to establish their own communications and marketing strategies.

Nchakha said this after the LNOC announced that it had already embarked onto the development of a communications and marketing framework.

The framework is meant to assist the organisation to position itself well in terms of communications and marketing strategies.

In line with the development of the framework, on Saturday the organisation’s Media and Marketing Commission held a session with national sport federations’ public relations and communications officers seeking their input.

“We want to engage all the relevant stakeholders in the building the framework,” Nchakha said.

“On Saturday we met with public relations and communications officers to have their input on the process. We have the same goals with the federations; growing sport therefore, we must be on the same page all the time.

“The also need to have their own communications and marketing strategies to follow on daily basis.”

In line with World Health Organisations (WHO) guidelines during the Covid-19 pandemic, they have split their sessions into two with the second edition penned in for Saturday.

Outlining the importance of well-developed communications and marketing strategies, Nchakha stated that it would help them develop and strategically market the sport working with the federations.

“It will also guide us on how to disseminate information to the right people and also how to communicate with same federations,” Nchakha added.

He said most of the federations are struggling to bring on engage sponsors due to poor marketing strategies which force individuals to use their personal relations to get sponsors.

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