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IDM introduces human resources consultancy

by Lesotho Times
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Bereng Mpaki

THE Institute of Development Management (IDM) has launched a human resources consultancy which will assist employers with modern recruitment services.

The IDM human resources recruitment and assessment centre will match employers with their preferred employees while also helping them to significantly save on recruitment costs.

IDM country director Retšelisitsoe Nko last weekend told the Lesotho Times on the sidelines of the centre’s launch that the innovation was influenced by the increase in human resources services in the local market.

The centre is under IDM’s new consultancy wing, the Centre for Management Excellence.

“We decided to develop the centre because we realised that IDM has been getting lots of requests from employers to conduct shortlistings, screenings, interviews or tests,” Dr Nko said.

“The centre is an entity within the IDM providing skills assessment including psychometric testing during the recruitment process.”

A psychometric test is an assessment of a candidate’s skills, knowledge and personality to determine their compatibility to the type of job on offer.

“We conduct psychometric tests for candidates’ competencies for purposes of job matching and job profiling to assist organisations in selecting their properly fitting employees.”

The centre conducts the initial recruitment processes and shortlists candidates for the employer to select the eventual winner. It also provides human resources training for employers’ human resource divisions.

Dr Nko said without psychometric assessments, employers end up hiring the wrong people thereby attracting avoidable costs for businesses.

“Without subjecting candidates to a psychometric assessment, an employer is likely hire more eloquent and well-articulated candidates during the job interview.

“However, when such a person gets to work, they may not be what they presented during the selection process. The employer may now be stuck with an unproductive employee simply because they have not followed a scientific recruitment process.”

Dr Nko said employers can access the centre through annual subscriptions which range from M7500 to M15 000 monthly.


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