I was misquoted in NUL article

I HAVE read an article          in your newspaper, Lesotho Times, of May 7 – 13, 2009. 

I wish to refer to an article titled “NUL pressed to suspend VC” where I have noted some incorrect statements attributed to me.

I am erroneously quoted as saying:  “It is nonsense that I am working in cahoots with the Vice-Chancellor. 

“Those people did not          appoint me and therefore they cannot call for my removal.  They are not my employer.”

The essence of what I said when I very briefly met (bumped into) your reporter(s) was that it was incorrect to suggest that I was supporting or encouraging the Vice Chancellor to do the wrong things.

Presently, the Chairman of NUL Council is not appointed by staff unions and cannot be removed by them.

Also I did not and would never use such harsh (bordering on insult) words as “It is nonsense…” as I was quoted in the story. 

I will be happy to have this corrected at the earliest opportunity to avoid unintended inconveniences or hurt that this error may cause.

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