I am ready for the LeFA challenge-Bullock



Moorosi Tsiane

FORMER Kick4Life director of football, Chris Bullock, who was recently appointed Lesotho Football Association (LeFA’s) deputy secretary general says he was ready for the challenge.

In an exclusive interview with the Lesotho Times this week, Bullock who started his new duties on Monday said he was excited and the footballing community must “expect exciting things”.

“I have been appointed the deputy secretary general to assist in some of the areas within the association,” Bullock said.

“We are still discussing and finalising the specific roles that I will be playing within the association.”

He said he was also excited to be in the new role and added that he was hoping to work on executing the LeFA strategic plan among others to help professionalise local football.

“I have been in Lesotho for seven years and I have been helping with the development of football, so I am expecting to bring in skills and experience that I have in certain areas inside the association. This will complement what the association was already doing in executing the LeFA strategic plan to develop football. Hopefully I can contribute in a positive way.”

At the time that he was appointed to the LeFA job, Bullock was about to start another job as Lioli chief executive officer. He said he was looking forward to the task at Lioli but LeFA made him an offer that he could not turn down.

“I was excited about the Lioli job and I am grateful for being considered for that post. Ntate Thotanyana (Lioli president Lebohang) thought we could build something, unfortunately just when we were about to start, LeFA offered me a chance to make a difference at national level… this is something that I am passionate about. When the offer came, I informed Lioli and they understood and supported my decision.”

He said he was aware of the challenges that come with his job and was ready for them.

“LeFA saw something in me but I also know that every job comes with its own pressures, the Lioli job had its own pressures too and of course, people have high expectations but there are lots of exciting things coming… you will see a lot of positive and exciting things coming and I am excited to be part of the team contributing towards that.

“I wasn’t expecting the offer but in these few days that I have been here, it already feels like home. I also think it is everyone’s dream to reach such post because working for the association is exciting. When the opportunity presented itself, it was just too good to say no,” Bullock said.


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