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Heavy rains expected

by Lesotho Times

MASERU — The Disaster Management Authority (DMA) has warned of heavy rains between this month and March.

“We are expecting lots of rain and storms countrywide from December to August 2012,” the DMA said in a press statement this week.

The authority also warned of strong winds and hailstorms that could cause damage to property and the environment. It advised people to reinforce their houses and other buildings in preparation for the expected storms.

The DMA said there is also need to dig furrows in order to channel the storm waters to less dangerous areas. The authority warned road users to check the condition of roads to avoid accidents.

The agency said there were several reports of road accidents caused by bad weather last year.

“Health centres should put together all medication that can be needed to treat disease outbreaks that could result from water contamination,” said the DMA.

It also warned people to watch out for the flow of rivers to avoid being swept away by floods.

“The committees will report to the district administrators who will the pass on the messages to our head office,” it said.

Heavy and destructive rain storms last summer left crops, roads and buildings severely damaged.

In Leribe a landslide last year washed away dead bodies at a cemetery.

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