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Have your goals or its all smoke and no fire

by Lesotho Times
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I have been really hard about what to write for this article.

I have been thinking how my first paragraph should sound and feel like to me and especially to whoever will get to read it; endless scribbles and paper strewn all over, with incessant and countless thoughts and half-thoughts.

Apparently thoughts that were supposed to regal everyone . . .

Then, I realised that is all I have been doing – thinking!

I have been wrecking my brain about all and sundry.

Wake up in the morning, do nothing but sit and think, then realised the day has passed me by and I really have nothing to show for it, but the headache or a bad mood.

Look, all the thinking in the world – be it the rational or even the irrational – without any action and reaction will never get you anywhere, at any time – ever!

And thinking, still without the action, is always complemented by the talking.

I have been shooting my mouth off about what I want, what I am going to achieve and accomplish in some unspecified future.

What I just simply did was vocalise and amplify the many little voices in my head.

Unfortunately, most times then, pumped it into some poor soul’s ear, who was only asking “so what are you up to?” just to be polite and not to leave that empty silence after exchanging greetings.

I have realised something about myself, and others may have, if not in me; at least then in someone they know or even themselves.

I have come to the painful realisation that I am one of those “useless” beings who have perfected the art of “Talking the Walk”!

I have made infinite memos and to-do lists of how I am going to do and set-up this, where I am going to get that and when I am going to experience this and that!

Let us face it, we have at one point or the other in our lives meditated about this as well.

One thing that is worse, and happens on an even larger scale than the “talking without doing” is the “making up of excuses”.

I am talking about the excuses that you list for any “so-called” failure of a past fantasy which you shot your mouth a while back, (the failure is so-called because you never actually attempted to do anything to fulfill this fantasy.)

The made-up excuses painstakingly detailing reasons for this failure come tumbling out, words spilling over each other in a rush at every turn.

Unfortunately, your victim may still be the same poor soul you had regaled earlier or this time you may be saturating another poor soul’s head, and his crime was just to ask a question.

And the truth is, even though at times you try to deny it, the question is not even related to anything you have ever uttered; but because of your guilt and realisation that you actually just been blowing a load of smoke and no fire – simply you have done jack-all after all the hullabaloo you have been spewing!

OK, now, let us not get it twisted.

Any sane person knows that setting goals is the way to go.

Not setting goals in life is very much like waking up, getting ready, going all the way to the airport and trying to board a plane – to anywhere!

Maybe not a very good example but it makes sense when you realise there is no place called “anywhere”!

We all have to have goals of some sort, even the ridiculous and crazy ones.

The truth is what seems to be beyond reach today can just as fast seem so within reach the next day (not exactly the next day, but I know you get my drift.)

Most of all, when setting these goals, there is absolutely nothing wrong with setting the bar quite high; this will encourage you to adopt the attitude, ambitions and hunger to succeed.

Also, the high bar will definitely remind you of your worth as a creature here on earth that has to have some sort of indelible impact.

But most of all we know that high bars are so that if by some stroke of so-called bad luck, we miss the mark we do not fall too low.

So, I have resolved to do this, (yeah, yeah, my New Year’s resolution is a few months late, but I bet I will be one of the few who keeps it) I am going to stop talking about all these great things I want to achieve and have, I am going to follow the talk with some action – walking!

It is time for me to really get up and get out there and start ticking off, one by one, the goals on my to-do list; the sane, yet difficult and even the so totally crazy ones.

Who is with me?

One of my first goals is income and pancake.

What are yours?

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