Graphic designers’ association for US conference


Nthatuoa Koeshe

THE Lesotho Graphic Design Association (LGDA), is seeking a M12 000 sponsorship for them to travel to the Humanity in Action International Conference (HIA) which is set the United States (10 to 15 May 2019) and in Lome, Togo from (18 to 22 May 2019).

The organisation is sending its national chairperson and the national regional representative for the two-legged conference.

LGDA’s national chairperson, Pheello Moru, told the Weekender this week that they are receiving part sponsorship to cater for the US trip. He said, they have an obligation to fund the Togo leg of the conference whose cost is M12 000.

“The conference organising committee sponsored us with accommodation in the US along with the round trip air tickets which cover our travel from Lesotho to the US, Togo and back into the country,” Moru said.

“Additionally, this includes our visa processing to the US,” Moru said. The existing sponsorship or the M12 000.

He said they will be in Lome Togo for five nights where their hotel accommodation, which includes three meals daily will cost them M5 679 for each and M11 358 for both for their five days’ stay.

He said the money will help the organisation towards its mission to protect and represent the local graphic design industry and to promote the diversity of arts and culture in Lesotho.

Moru said the sponsorship will help them to propel Basotho creations on the global front to captivate international audiences.

LGDA was established in 2017 and is tasked with protecting and representing local graphic designers on different fora.

LGDA was nominated by the Humanity in Action office to participate in the international conference. Who else is participating and who did LGDA beat for a place at the conference?


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