Govt must swiftly act on killings


THERE is certainly no honeymoon period for the new Thomas Thabane-led four parties’ coalition government in the aftermath of his inauguration as Prime Minister last Friday.

Dr Thabane must feel like the fabled Atlas of Greek mythology carrying the weight of the entire nation’s expectations on his shoulders. Youths want jobs; women’s empowerment must be attended to as should the needs of the senior citizens and other special interest groups including those living with disabilities. Dr Thabane’s is therefore a government which must hit the ground running and one thing for sure is that they should not pay lip service to the critical issue of national stability without which everything else may not be achievable.

The government needs to quickly identify and bring to book the shadowy elements behind the spate of killings that have left a trail of broken families and insecurity throughout the country.

If anything there is need to quickly revisit and begin the process of implementing the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) recommendations which among other things, called for the arrest and trial of the killers of former army commander, Maaparankoe Mahao who was shot dead in June 2015.

As we have already indicated it is not us who say so but we are only calling on government to implement recommendations of regional body that our government is party to and which recommendations were made after SADC set a commission of inquiry at the behest of our government in 2015.

It is evident that something needs to be done to stem the wanton loss of life which makes ours a dangerous country not only for us citizens but to any potential investors as well.

What is also clear is that the process of dealing with these shadowy elements must not be conducted in the fashion of a witch-hunt that merely targets opponents of the new administration.

Rather this should be done in a manner which conforms to the rule of law and the suspects must be tried in a proper court of law and not in a kangaroo court.

Despite being on opposite ends of the spectrum, the diametrically different actions of either allowing perpetrators to go scot free or engaging in a nefarious witch-hunt would ensure the same  result- a descent into an anarchy from which the nation could find it impossible to recover.

So, we call on the government to act within the parameters of the law and take action. Action which will lay the foundation of stability.

When there is lasting stability and the sanctity of human life is respected by all, there will certainly be no limiting the development we can achieve as a country.

We have vast resources including diamonds and water which our only neighbour has cast a covetous eye on from time immemorial.

Who does not know that one of the most beautiful and precious gems was discovered right here in our own backyard?  We are in the unique position of having beautiful snow white skiing resorts and it is a wonder that we are not sending teams to the Winter Olympics.

We are rightly the Kingdom in the Sky and not even that sky can limit what we could achieve in terms of development. But we must first get our act together and the new government must take charge of that process.

The issue of killings is no small matter, what with the killers showing as they did recently that they have the audacity to kill the wife of the Prime Minister less than 48 hours before his inauguration.

Tragic as that incident was, it has made it abundantly clear that government has no choice but to act. And action within the confines of the law is needed sooner rather than later.

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