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So Moeketsi Majoro has decided to harvest his final lucrative travel per diems by attending just about every funeral happening around the world.

There wouldn’t have been anything wrong with that if we were living in normal times. After all, per diems are an old age cherished source of moolah for our political elites.  But then we are not in normal times.

While it’s understandable that Ntate Majoro and his coterie of free loaders must try and collect as much per diems as they can in their last days in office, they have been wholly insensitive.

Businesses are collapsing in Lesotho; thanks to the Majoro government’s egregious incompetence. The bankrupt government is not paying suppliers yet Ntate Majoro finds it fit to go on a jamboree for several weeks across Europe, America and Asia, at taxpayers expense.

I am told Ntate Majoro and his vast delegation were the first to arrive at gogo Elizabeth 11’s burial. In fact, they were in England to bury the old gogo before formal invitations had been issued to governments to attend the burial. They were also the last to leave. From there, they have been on a spending spree at the yearly yawn called the United Nations General Assembly where Ntate Majoro addressed himself. There was no one in the UN auditorium when he gave his speech.

If this does not equate to irresponsible use of Basotho taxpayer resources, then what does?

As if that was not enough, Ntate Majoro is now in Japan burying one Shinzo Abe. From there, I am told he is looking for another funeral to attend before he finally heads home. Fortunately for Lesotho, no other leader has died. So Ntate Majoro and his entourage must return whether they like it or not.  But rumour has it they are trying to scout for any excuse to pass via Uganda to see Idi Amin’s grave to justify another per diem spending spree. That won’t work however, Amin is interred in Saudi Arabia. They could try Zimbabwe to pay homage at Mugabe’s grave.  Fortunately, Zimbabwe is hardly a place of joy. Conditions there are horrendous.  Ntate Majoro would have to return home or risk drinking sewage water.

Ntate Majoro could do well to return and use the millions he is squandering on unnecessary travel to pay stranded suppliers here. He is on the cusp of leaving a bad legacy as the worst prime minister ever who left businesses owed billions by his coalition while he filled his pockets with per diems.

What for instance has Lesotho gained from his attendance of Shinzo Abe’s funeral? Yes, Ntate Abe was brutally assassinated by a desolate brained lunatic in his country. That’s no way for any human being to die. But during his lifetime and premiership, Ntate Abe would hardly have guessed that Lesotho is a Kingdom on the lower tip of Africa, let alone point it on the largest of maps. Why should our prime minister squander resources on first class travel to a far flung place where no one knows about Lesotho.

Granted, Japan has helped Lesotho here and there. The Japan International Cooperation System, has built us a few schools here n there. They have also equipped some of those schools.

I am not sure that justifies Ntate Majoro burning cash to go to Japan while leaving suppliers stranded and while refusing to account for what he did with the M1,2 billion he got from the IMF.

If Ntate Majoro is  so desperate to attend funerals,  he should perhaps have waited for the death of Xi Jinping – the Chinese autocrat.  At least, China has done more for Lesotho. It has even given us the corrupt crook Yan Xie (aka John) who looted our country so dry that we have since donated him to Australia. Not sure whether he will be able to continue with his haywire behaviour there.  The Aussies are tough nuts to crack. Yan Xie aside, China has done a lot . It is even giving us a new look Queen 11 hospital for free.

But then with Jinping not biting the dust and Majoro’s days in office dwindling, the prime minister figured he has to scrounge for other funerals to harvest per diems.  Fortunately, his unlamentable tenure closes next week.

Speaking of which if filing frivolous court applications equated to national progress, Lesotho would now be well ahead.  Our countless lawyers would also be multi billionaires. Except that the fees are severely low.

I cannot get my head around the laziest of bones who have seen it fit to institute legal action to stop   Zhen Yu Shao from contesting parliamentary elections next week. Don’t these people surely have anything better to do with their miserable lives? Why are they each not getting a life?

Since they call themselves, the Christian Advocates and Ambassadors of Lesotho, wouldn’t they be better off spending their time in the mountains praying for themselves?  They are in desperate need of their own prayers.

These dimwits have taken umbrage with Shao’s decision to contest the elections because they claim he still owes his allegiance to his native China? How do they know that? And if he still does, what’s wrong with that? Who wouldn’t bear allegiance to the country of their birth? I would still be a Mosotho loving woman even if I assumed Japanese citizenship today?

They also say electing him would return the country to “colonialism, slavery and cannibalism”. Whoa…..we really have some loonies among us. Don’t we?

Do these Christian Advocates and their “lawyers” understand the concept of naturalisation.

Shao is a naturalised Mosotho, meaning he is just as good as a Mosotho who was born here. He enjoys the same rights as any Mosotho born here. He could even become prime minister if he gathered the numbers.

Characters like these Christian Advocates and Ambassadors of are good to have though. They are largely useful for comic relief. Except that their dangerous xenophobia is potentially ruinous.

Can’t they see the advantages of having a diverse society. In our colonial master, Britain, an Indian almost won the right to lead that country. Ever heard of Rishi Sunak? He could still become one as the dollish young woman he lost to, Liz Struss, is sure to mess up the country and lose her job soon. Struss started her reign on a disastrous note by imposing unsustainable tax cuts that have tanked the pound to its lowest ever level against the dollar. So don’t lose hope Rishi.  Shao needs your moral support here.

Just imagine deploying Shao as our prime minister to China to meet Xi Jinping? Billions and more billions – which we desperately need – would flow our way. We are country depended on donor support. That much everyone knows.  And China is an increasingly important donor partner. Shao is not seeking to become prime minister. He only wants to be an MP.  That is his naturalisation right. But he is now subjected to a wave of xenophobia. How disastrous?

The application by the Christian Advocates is as deranged as it is stupid. We now leave in an age of diversity in which the fastiest developing countries are the ones able to attract the best migrants. Shao is devoted to this country. That’s why he naturalised.  I haven’t heard anything bad about him. Yet Basotho would rather stampede to welcome Yan Xie – who has raped the country from the back (with no protection), while side-lining decent Chinese like Shao.

One of the seemingly deranged and inept arguments raised by the Christian Advocates is that allowing Shao to stand will “allow foreigners living with us to gain power” thus “weakening our country’s sovereignty”. What balderdash and boloney?

What’s wrong with giving power to foreigners, if they’re good people. And if foreigners are excluded, who is going to develop this country? Isn’t it the foreigners who established and own the entire textile sector thus creating thousands of jobs? Isn’t it the foreigners who established and are running the mines thus creating thousands of the jobs? Isn’t if the foreigners who are being clamoured to come and invest in the country? Where will this country be without foreigners?

Another point of the deranged legal suit is that Shao cannot be an MP and contribute to the development of this country because he is not fluent in Sesotho.

What is so important about being fluent in Sesotho? What benefit does Sesotho bring in terms of national development? If speaking Sesotho is so important, why is Lesotho a perennial laggard. Why do we have so much unemployment and poverty yet we have millions of Sesotho speakers?

As to the Christian Advocates’ claim that granting Shao citizenship will have the “ultimate effect to subject us and our children to endless slavery, tlala ea bojalikata (abject poverty) and cannibalism…….” , I say, let’s laugh our lungs out.

Lesotho is already a baracloo of unemployed slaves.  That’s why we need Shao to change that by bringing something new into our politics and creating quality jobs for all Basotho. And Shao is certainly not a cannibalist. Go to Econo foods and you will see him every Thursday, queuing to buy prawns?

Go for it Shao and win your constituency.You have my vote…. Only if you were standing in Qacha.



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