Give me spring all year round

WE are literally in the middle of winter and man is it cold or what! But strangely enough we have had some rather warm, actually hot, days popping up here and there.
I say hot because on some of those days I have actually found myself wearing just a T-shirt — and believe you me that is brave for someone like me who believes in wearing their entire wardrobe at the slightest dip of the mercury.
I think the seasons have really gone crazy somehow; maybe they are having some sort of mid-life crisis, or is it mid-season crisis!. Seriously, we have hot days in the middle of winter; we have a snowy icy week in the middle of December, suddenly there’s hail the size of my head crashing down in the middle of autumn; and blinding dust-storms when it is supposed to be all lush and green in spring!
Crazy hey? This global warming thing happening is really messing us up and if we do not really befriend the ecosystem, we are going to wind up crazy or worse — dead.
Winter is one season I do not enjoy for a couple of reasons. The first major one, which oddly enough should have been a reason to like it, is that my birthday is smack right in the middle of the coldest month.
I do not like it; it is not easy partying it up really good when your teeth are chattering so hard they feel like they are about to fall out!
Do not get me wrong, I still go all out and try to party like a rock star; a bundled up, scarved, gloved, woolen-hatted and hooded rock star!
Then there is the constant sniffles that make the rounds during this season!
I detest that lone runny stream of mucus that unexpectedly and sometimes sneakily runs down out of the nostril when you least want it to run.
I am sure some of you can relate to the embarrassment of having to quickly wipe away a sudden watery gush while trying to chat up some hottie.
Even more mortifying is when the stream is the silent type; this is the type that you only notice when its temperature has lowered, meaning it has been peeping out for a minute!
Disgusting! Oh and then imagine chatting to the said hottie and s/he pulls out a tissue and hands it to you without a word, earth open up and let me hide in your belly please.
I do not like the fact that the day is shorter than the night, meaning you can hardly ever get much done, especially the washing!
Like I have already mentioned, I wear all my clothes at once, so you can imagine when I have to wash them and they take about two days to dry!
No wonder there is the phenomenon of charred winter underclothes in so many people’s wardrobes.
Even though it is totally freezing outside, we still go out there getting our party on, grooving until the early hours of the morning . . . pouring icy cold liquids which will need to be expelled from our bodies later one way or the other.
Eish, for us poor women our already not so arm derrières are going to have to meet with the cold ceramic seat; that just saps the little body heat right off the system.
There are so many fire casualties during this season; it is horrendous. A score of people lose a lot of things during this season, including lives.
The news are always full of houses that are razed to the ground; someone inadvertently causes rows of shacks to go up in flames after his home-made heater, paola, blows up because he left it on all night long.
Hey, I know it does not have to be a shack per say, but we all know houses and people burn more in winter, and it breaks my heart when it happens to little children.
And I definitely am not going to talk about many deaths caused by fumes from a coal fire that was supposed to have died earlier.
Ok, let me own up and admit that winter is not that all bad!
Despite it being bitterly cold especially after it snows, it is so beautiful. Even though getting snowed in makes life difficult, it sometimes provides a cosy opportunity to catch up on life’s other pleasures — reading, thinking, talking, foreplay!
Anyway, there are people who are not going to be happy with me for not being nice about their season, but hey, each to their own! Give me spring all year round!

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