Form A student fatally stabbed

MASERU — A 19-year-old student from Phomolong LEC Secondary School in Sekamaneng died last Wednesday after he was stabbed with a knife by a fellow student following an argument.

Police say the Form A student died a few minutes after he was stabbed. The suspect, a Form C student at the school, has since been arrested.

Police suspected the two had argued while they were in a school toilet.

Another student who was in the toilet when the incident happened has since given a witness statement to the police.

The Principal of Phomolong LEC Secondary School, Lefuku Lephaila, said the school is still shocked by the incident.

 “A student who witnessed the incident told us that the two students where arguing but he could not hear what they were arguing about,” Lephaila said. 

 “He said the student saw a Form C student getting a knife from his school bag while the other student also searched his pockets for a knife.

“The suspect stabbed the deceased and ran away. Then he  collapsed.

“When teachers checked him he was already dead,” Lephaila said.

 He said two weeks ago another student was also stabbed and injured at the school.

“A Form B student was stabbed two weeks ago. In that case it was a minor injury. The suspect was immediately suspended from school,” Lephaila said.

“We decided to search for weapons among students and found different types of weapons. They had different types of knives and screw drivers,” Lephaila said.

Police spokesman Masupha Masupha confirmed the incident.

“The suspect who was a Form C student stabbed the deceased who was a Form A student,” Masupha said.

Masupha urged parents to discourage their children from using weapons.

“It is every parent’s responsibility to make sure that their children are not carrying dangerous weapons when going to school.”

Masupha said the suspect was arrested immediately and is still in police custody.

In a separate incident, a 16-year-old boy from Quthing was arrested this week for stabbing to death a 15-year-old boy.

According to the police, the deceased was stabbed with a knife during a fight.

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