FNB Lesotho unveils online shopping facility



Bereng Mpaki

FNB Lesotho clients can now use their bank cards to purchase and sell locally available goods and services online.

This after the launch of the bank’s e-commerce facility yesterday in Maseru.

Launched by FNB Lesotho managing director, Delekazi Mokebe, the facility is expected to provide buyers and sellers with a convenient platform for online business.

This will ensure that both sellers and buyers do not necessarily need to move physically as goods will be delivered.

Speaking at the launch, Ms Mokebe said the facility will help local businesses to digitise their operations in line with the growing global trend of online shopping.

“As a digital bank, it is vital to be launching such a product which creates convenience, security and a very cost-effective way of online shopping for Basotho,” Ms Mokebe said.

“This platform will ensure minimal physical contact, therefore helping reduce the spread of Covid-19. The Covid-19 pandemic has fast-tracked the evolution of digital transformation, requiring businesses to be more innovative in ways to continue operating while adhering to the Covid-19 protocols.”

She said the service is available to the bank’s customer groups from individuals to entrepreneurs of differing sizes.

“There are many advantages for businesses to take up e-commerce such as broadening their distribution channels, attracting more customers in the comfort of their own environment, and making it easy to reconcile all transactions without any hassles. It has become more important to shop online using platforms that are secure, safe and easy to use.”

On his part, FNB Lesotho’s head of commercial and corporate banking, Motšeare Tšosane, said business clients that are interested business in selling their goods and services through the facility must have a live website through which buyers can place orders.

Such merchants must register with the bank to transact through the facility.

“FNB Lesotho is very proud to introduce e-commerce, which aligns with our strategic objective of being an innovative financial institution that always strives to find ways of creating convenience for our customers at cost effective ways.

“The e-commerce solution is a great initiative which benefits both businesses and consumers. It is particularly beneficial for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as it enables them to cut down on most of their operating costs such as rentals and minimises the costs of starting a business. E-commerce enables a business to operate online, which makes it unnecessary for SMEs to rent out places for operations,” Mr Tšosane said.


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