Flavour key to craft beer

beer-mug--drink_19-138814Mohalenyane Pakela

MASERU — The Annual Kome Caves Beer and Glamping Festival is bringing in a whole different understanding of beer.

Most of us had not heard about the craft beers before this event, let alone tasted a craft beer!

Now is your chance!

As one of the major highlights of this festival, the organisers will be introducing Lesotho’s very own craft-brewer — Kangfong Breweries.

A microbrewery or craft brewery is a brewery that produces a limited amount of beer. Such breweries are generally characterised by their emphasis on flavour and brewing technique.

The brew masters started brewing as a hobby and, as interest from people and knowledge increased, the passion for hand-crafted beer grew and this gave birth to Kangfong Breweries.

Their maiden brew was in 2009, and it has been a flavour-filled journey until this crowning moment.

The process of making your own beer is not rocket science as most people would like to believe.

Actually, it is very similar to how Basotho have always made traditional beer, the difference being only in the use of machinery and new ingredients.

In craft beer the ingredients that are added are as conventional as those Basotho add to their brews to make different types of traditional beers.

For the Beer Festival, Kangfong Breweries has come up with The Official Kome Caves Beers, which will be on sale at the event.

These amazing brews will include stouts, lagers, and a cider.


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