Febric unleashes 11-track offering

By Mohalenyane Phakela

MASERU — Rapper, Febric, has finally released his long-anticipated sophomore album Clipa% Mosotho, an 11-track offering that is sure to broaden his fan base.
The novelty of Febric’s music makes it more of an acquired taste for those not acquainted with his craft. His unique style and gruff voice easily distinguishes him from the rest.

Born Tebello Victor Kooko 24 years ago in Khubetsoana, Febric started rapping in 2009 along with with Isosceles of I.N.I Records.
He later inked a lucrative two-year deal with Bam Promotions, under which he released his debut album Ke Tsamaile featuring the hit single Bumper that became a club anthem.
Clipa% Mosotho is a blend of deep Hip Hop cuts with a dash of Sotho-hop “venack” which of late has become popular.

The 11-track album is teeming with high-quality tunes and the title track, Clipa% Mosotho, and Khele are already dominating the local music scene.
Other outstanding tracks include Lejoe Le Teng featuring Damario and ke Tsamaile.

In this album, Febric certainly make his presence known, although he was quick not term his album a comeback.
“I always had a passion for rap music growing up, I was inspired by South African rapper D-man (Lebohang Mohapi) of Bling Entertainment –– which I am set to sign with before the end of the year,” Febric said in an interview with the Weekender on Monday.
“The album is simply about remembering my roots, that is, solidification of why I am a proud Mosotho.”
“I have worked with local artists Rumzy, Big Daddy D and Damario, then Bongani Notsi and Trompie who are both from South Africa.”
Elaborating on his musical journey, he said: “I have had the opportunity of sharing the stage with such legends as Ts’epo Ts’ola, Lira, Liquideep and Spikiri whilst still promoting Ke Tsamaile.
“Leaving Bam Promotions in 2011, I went to Klerksdorp in South Africa so I could start working on this project, Clipa% Mosotho, on a clean slate. I returned early last year to finalise the album.”

Febric has proved to be different from his peers. He now his own website where fans can listen to his songs and interact with him.
His advice to people who have always dreamt of joining the music industry is: “Never join this industry just because you want to be popular or as means of making a quick buck, let it be for the love of music and nothing else.”

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