Famo artistes in Easter show


Nthatuoa Koeshe

FAMOUS famo artistes, Sephaka and Tekano are set to host an all-night Easter special show tomorrow at Moshoeshoe II Hall in Matsieng.

The two artistes who have worked together since 2011 when they started their musical careers, said they are ready to give their fans a time of their lives when they ironically host their first collaborated show.

The artistes said the show comes after the success of their highly popular second collaborated album Kolia-Malla released in 2017. The duo said the upcoming show was inspired by the popularity of the album.

The singers said they had initially wanted to host the show during the last Christmas holidays but eventually postponed it for Easter.

Tekano told the Weekender that they often perform at other artistes’ shows and they have realised how popular their music is.

“Our fans can come and see us perform all our famous songs at the show,” Tekano said.

“Whenever we perform at other event organisers’ shows, we have noticed that our fans are left unsatisfied by the short time slots that we are allocated.

“We only perform a few songs and the slots end. However, this will be different because we have the whole night to perform all our music, so our fans must come in their numbers and enjoy their favourite music.”

He said their fans are guaranteed to have memorable experiences as the show will go uninterrupted all-night.

Among the music to be expected at the show are tracks from their album Kolia-Malla, Tekano’s Tekano Ka Mpokaneleng number 2 released in 2018 and Sephaka’s Khutlong sa Ha-Pita.

Born Molema Mohato, Tekano is from Rothe Khutlo Peli Ha-Rankhelepe while Sephaka (real name Lebohang Pita) is from Qeme Ha-Pita.

The duo said their love and passion for music has kept them steadfast to the trade.

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