Factory flooded


Management estimates damage at M15 million

By Limpho Sello

MASERU — A local textile fac­tory Nien Hsing lost about M15 million in machinery to heavy rains as it was buried over 50 centimetres under flood water on Tuesday afternoon, the Lesotho Times heard this week.

The firm’s director, Chin Yi Lin said that the water flooded the building after it failed to be directed through flood channels were blocked by rocks, plastic bags, soil and a willow tree that crew in the same channel be­tween Loti Brick and Famosa Textile Factory.

Lin said the water came from the mountain and “because of the channel that was blocked, the wa­ter diverted and flowed into our factory,” Lin said.

According to Lin, their machin­ery, which included a Voltage Regulator and eight embroidery machines was destroyed beyond repair.

Health and Safety Manager, Edy Wei, confirmed that the machines would have to be re­placed.
Meanwhile Lin said as much as the plight had resulted from a natural disaster, it had to be attributed to carelessness as it was caused by a flood channel that needed to be maintained regularly “because if this does not happen then the same thing will repeat itself if heavy rains come again”.

“We need to make sure that that is done though we are still figuring how we can do it as we want to know whose responsibil­ity that is,” Lin said.

The damage is expected to have far-reaching effects on the more than 1000 workers at the employ of the factory, some of whom were forced to stay at home as they could not continue work.

Lin said that the workers’ wag­es would not be affected by the incident as the time stayed at home would be treated as leave break.

During the tour this paper managed to speak with one of the employees, ‘Mamajeremane Shoai, who said the overflowing water reached her knees and it was scary.

She said they had tried in vain to save some of the garments and equipment but she could not res­cue much as the water flow was too strong.

“I do feel sorry for them but I’m happy because they said they will pay us,” Shoai said

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