Econet rewards high performance employees



ECONET high performing employees Tlali Phoofolo (left) and Tumelo Lilele.

ECONET rewarded two of its employees under the performance beyond expectations theme in an award giving ceremony which was held last Friday.

When handing over the awards, Econet’s Chief Executive Officer, Leon de Fleuriot said that the awards are given to employees across the company who have indeed performed beyond what is expected of them.

The recipients of the awards are Phoofolo Tlali and Tumelo Lilele from the Information Systems (IS) department and each walked away with an IPad, a certificate and the department they come from also received the ‘performance beyond expectations’ trophy which was handed over to Dennis Plaatjies who is the GM, Information Systems.

Phoofolo said that he is encouraged to see that his exertions to make things work are recognized. “I feel motivated to do more because I can see that operational efficiency is rewarded” said Phoofolo

Phoofolo commended Econet’s management for taking steps into the right direction as this will ensure that the culture of performance beyond expectation is instilled within all. “I never thought I would be one of the winners because it’s not about how good I am but how good the team is” said Phoofolo

Another employee who scooped the award, Tumelo Lilele said that he is very happy to be one of the first winners in the Performance beyond expectations awards because it shows that his efforts have been recognized. “I am a hard worker and knew that one day I will receive this award but I did not expect it so soon” said Lilele

Lilele thanked Econet management for rewarding his input to the company with such a prestigious award as this will motivate others to work harder and everyone’s hard work will be reflected in the better service that they give to customers internally and externally.

“I encourage my colleagues to set new goals in order to perform beyond expectations because sometimes the best is not good enough” said Lilele

The awards will be given on the spot as and when employees perform beyond expectations.


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