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Dunamis lines celebratory bash

by Lesotho Times
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Mohalenyane Phakela

RAPPER Dunamis has lined up a 27 May bash to celebrate ten years in the music industry.

Fifteen acts from Dunamis’ K.O.L stable such as Ghetto Iz, Axo Mind, Metal Jacket and Glory as well as a surprise act from South Africa have also been billed to perform at the event.

Dunamis will also use the bash, which will be held at a venue to be confirmed, to celebrate his birthday and launch the video of the Pressure song which is taken from his latest offering G.O.D album.

Dunamis said he saw it fit to celebrate the album after it sold more copies than his two previous offerings.

He said he would however perform songs from all his albums including the 2007 breakthrough Mastered Seed.

The Mabote-born rapper this week told the Weekender that his had been a memorable journey to music stardom filled with challenges.

He expressed satisfaction with his achievements thus far, saying, “all my albums were greatly appreciated and I am using the opportunity to thank everybody who has been supporting me since day one”.

“Mastered Seed was my breakthrough and it was one of the few local albums to receive airplay on Africa’s Channel O and from there people have been very supportive.

“I often involve emotions when writing music so I guess people realised that I encountered the same problems as they did hence it is easier for them to relate to my sound.

“However, I think I diverted too much attention after Mastered Seed trying to help other local artistes but then they were not ready for fame as it got them big headed.”

He said he had imagined the Channel O airplay and winning the South African Music Award in 2009 would make fellow Basotho proud but that “spurred hatred and jealousy rather than a pat on the shoulder”.

The Lonely music video was released a fortnight ago and it begins with an actual scene from the time when he smashed his car into a street pole during the shoot.

Some social media commentators suggested the incident was staged as marketing gimmick.

“The scene was supposed to draw a picture of a lonely guy driving around town but then I was driving that car for the first time. I was not aware it was a drifting car so I lost control when it drifted at a curve then ran into a pole.

“There is no way I can buy a car just to damage it intentionally, that was an accident. But then it was a blessing in disguise as the song itself is about people I have lost in my life and then it shows a video of me almost losing mine,” he said.

The video is already getting airplay on the national television and Dunamis plans to have it aired on South Africa’s SABC 1 as well as the internationally recognised Trace TV and Channel O.

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