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Drinking while driving while hunting wild boar

by Lesotho Times
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SOMEONE once said, everything under the sun has already been done.
Bacchus thinks that whoever said this must have been a teetotaller because with a few pints of beer, a man can become a very creative being and do some things that have never been done under the sun in question.
Anyway, yours truly read something this week which proved his point.
According to a news report on the net, Swiss authorities say an Italian man took reckless driving to new heights in 11 frantic minutes of traffic violations in eastern Switzerland.
They said they first spotted the 47-year-old driver as he sped his Jeep past an unmarked police car at 160km per hour in a rainstorm on Sunday.
According to the report, the man racked up 15 traffic violations in 11 minutes! Now isn’t that something new.
Your truly knows too well how beer and the steering wheel can inspire one to think they are the most creative genius on earth.
Take that one time when one local boozers’ team was travelling to Botswana for a drink and a game of soccer with the brothers from the Kalahari.
It so happened that the team bus encountered a group of wild boar in a farming area.
Probably they had escaped from a wildlife reserve.
As the boars crossed the road, Richie, one of the group, reminded everyone how delicious pork tasted especially if you roasted a whole pig on a spit.
As he spoke, the animals transformed into walking platters of ham, right before the team’s very eyes.
Bacchus was not there to witness it, but it is said that someone suggested to the driver, who was also drunk, that he should use the bus’ bull bar to knock down one of the boars, which the team would then eat in the morning.
The driver saw the sense in this plan and steered the bus in the direction of the boars, which by now were making their way into the thicket.
Unfortunately, he did not see a strip of barbed wire lying on the ground in time and by the time he stopped the vehicle, the wire had taken out his two front tyres. Right there in the middle of nowhere.
Anyway, to cut the long story short, the boys did not catch the boar and ended up picking wild fruit to stave off hunger the next morning while waiting for a recovery truck to come.
To this day they still talk about the crazy driver who tried drinking while driving while hunting boar.

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