Does the PLMC really care about football?


Moorosi Tsiane

EVERY successful business succeeds by providing quality products and services to its clients but this truth seems to evade our dear Premier League Management Committee (PLMC).

Early this month, the PLMC released the second-round fixture which accommodated all their competitions with clear dates. These dates are however, subject to change due to FIFA schedules that have also shifted after CAF brought closer its AFCON qualifiers.

The PLMC does not have any control over this matter hence it is understandable that its fixtures will also change.

What boggles the mind however, is that the PLMC released this fixture without considering the LNIG Top8 tournament. Surprisingly, the memo announcing the draw was only released last Wednesday.

This was to change two days later and now the draw was held yesterday.

The tournament is starting on Saturday and I find it absurd.

Who would have faith in a PLMC product when its organisational skills are this shambolic?

Football has evolved and it is no longer a matter of just playing. It takes a lot of planning because it has become more tactical than before.

This current committee is already in its second year in office but it still acts as if it’s still in a new job. This is what keeps our game down.

I have never seen a tournament star two days after a draw. The less we say about the marketing the better because I still don’t understand how they expect to market games for just two days.

There have been numerous complaints ever since the Ikarabele Sello committee came in in 2018 and one would have thought that there will be immense improvements two years on.

The PLMC is supposed to hold football close to their hearts and ensure that the game improves by organising competitive but that seems a pipe dream.

I remember that the last committee, at one point, took a study tour in Botswana to learn how the Botswana Premier League is run. In the same manner, the current committee must also take such a tour and learn how other countries run their leagues.

The ABSA Premiership is one of the biggest leagues on the continent and it wouldn’t hurt for our committee to ask for some guidance next door. This in the hope that the trip would be for office administrators and not just committee members. Administrators remain in office long after the committee members depart hence, they can maintain continuity.

I know that our league is yet to be professionalised but the PLMC must put its house in order if it is to entertain hopes of improving. Several companies and individuals are investing their money into the sport and it goes without saying that they want nothing but a quality product.

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