DJs set Cuban Linx ablaze


Mamohlakola Letuka

LOCAL DJ, Afro DJ, along with a host of local spinners, last weekend set Cuban Linx on fire at the Denim and Sneaker gig.

The event was meant to unite local DJs through interaction for future collaborations.

The line-up included Gama, BoxFresh, PabloDJ, Kopper, Vesta, Lobby, ZagroDJ, DJ Boots, Konsept and DJ Thizozo among others.

Among the highlights of the night was when Gama played a track that would normally be a misfit, Liphiri Makunutu, but the audience responded in a positive way. The song had the party goers singing along and dancing just like a congregation.

The venue was packed to the brim with partygoers of different ages and the spinners were tasked with keeping their end of the bargain.

Organisers attested that by 2100 hours they had sold over 400 tickets and around midnight the bar ran out of stocks. The revelers were now forced to imbibe on just two brands of liquor and took solace in the music.

The DJs managed to keep the audiences entertained and surprisingly, the majority remained in the club despite the lack of alcohol.

Afro DJ, who was the main act on the night said he was shocked with the attendance.

“It was my biggest party where I sold more than 400 tickets in just two hours,” Afro DJ said.

He said he hadn’t expected such a turn out, but he was amazed to see how many people had heed his invitation.

Afro DJ said the turn-out proved that local DJ were good enough to pull crowds and host bigger gigs.

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