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DJs clash over slot

by Lesotho Times
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MASERU — Ultimate FM presenter Dallas T has tried to play down his altercation with South African entertainer Thabo Kalane, better known as DJ Tabloid, over a playing slot during a recent show in the capital.

Dallas T, whose real name is Tello Leballo, had a heated exchange with DJ Tabloid during the launch of Chocolate Soul’s debut album in Maseru a fortnight ago.

This week Dallas T told the Lesotho Times that the clash was not a big deal, although DJ Tabloid said he was “pissed” by the incident.

The two were among a host of DJs who were lined up to perform at the launch of Chocolate Soul’s album.

Trouble started when the two DJs went on stage at the same time.

They exchanged harsh words, resulting in DJ Tabloid leaving the stage in a huff.

Dallas T blamed the stage manager for the quarrel.

“It was not a fight but just a mix-up by the stage manager,” Dallas T said.

“I didn’t get an sms, just like other DJs did, for my time slot. It was just a misunderstanding.”

Dallas T said he was not ready earlier when he was asked to go on stage because he had not been informed of the slot on time.

“I gave DJ Pozzino the slot that I was given simply because I was not ready at the time,” he said.

DJ Tabloid, in a separate interview this week, said the incident had angered him.

“I was very pissed off. That’s why I took my music and left the stage,” he said.

“Dallas T had his slot but he decided to give it to someone else.

“When it was my turn to play he came on stage claiming it was his turn.”

Despite the clash, Chocolate Soul enjoyed an impressive turnout for his debut album — Chocolate Dreams.

The budding house muso’s 15-track album has been enjoying generous airplay on local radio stations.

It includes tracks such as City of Roses and Maseru Strawberries.

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