DJ Mekonko celebrates birthday in style

MASERU – Maseru almost came to a standstill on Saturday as revellers flocked to Times Café to celebrate DJ Mekonko’s 30th birthday.
Top South African disc jockey, DJ Christos, graced the occasion.
There was almost a stampede as over 300 revellers started arriving at the venue as early as 6pm to secure their seats.
Unlike other South African acts, DJ Christos arrived on time and popped in at the club to do sound check before taking his turn behind the decks.
A real crowd pulling stunt!
Local DJs raised the bar until around midnight ensuring the party was a truly musical affair.
Revellers were dressed to impress and a few ladies made cool fashion statements.
And when the birthday boy eventually stepped behind the turn-tables, the fans were up on their feet as they danced to the soulful house tunes.
After playing an hour-long set, Mekonko seemed too pleased and happy to step down as the crowd danced the night away.
The cramped space didn’t seem to be a problem to merrymakers since the party came at a time when the entertainment calendar was too dry.
Christos had fans captivated for the first hour of his set.
Instead of flocking to the dance floor, revellers gathered around the turn-tables with their phones ready to take a snap of the South African house music guru.
The party carried on until the early hours of Sunday morning.
Mekonko told the Weekender that he felt “very honoured” to play for his fans.
“I didn’t expect such a big attendance. I mean it is not every day that one hosts a show that cost over M50 and people flock in, I am very thankful for the support I received,” he said.
He added: “The show proved a success and its all thanks to Flawless events and Karma K who stood by me throughout the organisation.”
Mekonko said after the success of his first birthday party he is sure to turn the gala into an annual affair.
“The satisfaction was not only on me but Christos didn’t seem to want to stop the party. He played the longest set and when it was time for closing, he still wanted to continue.”
On the other hand, Christos was over the moon with the feedback from fans.
“This is great, the audience seems very flexible. I wouldn’t mind coming back again,” he said.
Some revellers and DJs from Bloemfontein came to not only support the event but also take time to survey how developed the local entertainment scene was.
DJ Bond, from Bloemfontein who last performed in Maseru last spring, told the Weekender he is going to invade Maseru before the end of the year.
“I can see development and appreciation among merrymakers.
“I am planning a big gig where I will be launching my album and with what I am seeing today, I am going to up my game a few notches,” he said.

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