DJ Kanunu set for Maseru album launch



Kanunu-MatjilaMohaelenyane Phakela

SOUTH African Deep House muso, DJ Kanunu, is set to launch his latest album, Soul Meditation 2, at Times Café on 4 December 2015.

The 12-track offering is a sequel to 2012’s Soul Meditation 1, which was a collection of contemporary and soulful sounds.

The Pretoria-based spinner is also popular for such compilations as Wicked Sounds Mid-Tempo 1, House Afrika 1 and Hot Grooves Experience 2 among others.

According to one of the organisers, DJ Karma K, they chose DJ Kanunu because he is a pioneer of Deep House in South Africa who has stayed true to his original sound.

“Kanunu is one of the artists that inspire us as House DJs. He produced the new album, Soul Meditation 2, which does not have any remixes to international songs,” he said.

“We have a lot of talent that needs to be developed and nurtured here in Lesotho. Our intention is to bring established artists like DJ Kanunu and forge working relations with them for the benefit of our music industry.”

DJ Karma K said the show was also meant to bring back memories for die-hard fans of House music.

“House is no longer as popular as it was before, since Trap music is now the trending genre. Fans of House music are no longer being catered for at entertainment joints and end up staying at home,” he said.

“The show is meant for such types of fans and we hope to have more like that going forward.”

DJ Karma K said DJ Kanunu would also share the stage with DJ Chino El Vito, who recently released his album, Before Sunset. DJs Tshepzadj, Khotso, Madala and Katiso are also billed to perform.

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