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DJ Christos to grace birthday party

by Lesotho Times

MASERU — South African disc jockey (DJ) Christos is billed to perform at Times Cafe on Saturday.
Christos will share the stage with local DJs Mekonko, Karma K, Pozzino, Alex, Kopper, Tseptsa, Madala and Tseko at local DJ Mekonko’s birthday party.
Christos is one of South Africa’s influential house music producers and DJs.
During the course of his career, he became instrumental in the development and promotion of afro-house and what was eventually to become known as kwaito music.
Mekonko told the Weekender he decided to book Christos because of his influence in the music industry.
“Christos has contributed a lot to the music industry over the years.
“The last time he was here was eight years ago so I wanted to relive those moments and perhaps expect something unique.”
He said the party event is “one of its kind on the entertainment calendar and will be filled with soulful deep house, a different party genre looking at the entertainment sector both in South Africa and Lesotho.
“Christos is known for his soulful deep house jams so I am expecting my crowd to be people aged 25 and above, people who know and feel the nature of DJ Christos,” the disc jockey said.
Mekonko added: “The event is going to be held at a very cosy place, Times Cafe, to accommodate the selected few who will be celebrating my birthday.”
The disc jockey was born on July 1, 1981 in Teyateyaneng.
“The party was meant to take place last weekend on my exact birthday but because of the Durban July party mayhem, Christos was booked and he couldn’t come.”
Mekonko, who said he booked Christos because of personal love for the South African DJ, started blossoming last year after three years in the music industry.
“I made sure the highlight act is someone who has given me inspiration of making my DJ skills a success,” Mekonko said.
“It is my party and I’m in it to enjoy not making money hence I brought along a guru in the house fraternity.”
He said he could have chosen any other venue for the party but “Times gave me the platform to be where I am today and the crowd that I want to cater for are my fans who take time out to go there on weekends to listen to my jams.”
Mekonko said he plans to turn the party into an annual event to build himself as a brand.
“There is nothing happening at this time of the year so if I turn this into an annual event, at least people will have something to look forward to with my name in their minds.”
Christos’ manager, Baba Makou, told the Weekender in a separate interview that they were looking forward to mesmerising Basotho.
“The last time Christos was in Lesotho was a while back. I don’t even remember the year but we are very happy to be given a chance to party in the country again.
“What I remember very well is the fact that Lesotho used to have nice gigs,” he said.
Makou said the South African DJ also wants to return to Lesotho to boost aspiring DJs.
“This gig is going to give us an opportunity to cater for a few selected fans of soulful house music,” he said.

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