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Deliver us from the bane of raw sewage

by Lesotho Times

WHEN the elders of the family visit some distant place, they hand over some of their powers to their elder children or to some elder in the village.

In most democracies power has been devolved to the lower levels of decision-making to care for the welfare of citizens.

As we celebrate Lesotho’s 44th independence anniversary we should be proud of our system of local government which has generally served the nation well.

We should celebrate our achievements by timeously delivering services to our people who put the leaders in power through peaceful means.

The fact that they did so proves that our politics have matured.

If Lesotho is to achieve its Millennium Development Goals in 2015 we need to stay focused on our commitment as a people.

We need to make sure that deadly diseases that plague our continent are eradicated.

To achieve this Lesotho should take action to ensure that local authorities play their roles and functions as envisaged in the Lesotho Local Government Act 1997 Section 5 as amended.

Among the many functions local authorities play is the need to ensure public health.

The law seeks to ensure that citizens live under a conducive environment where they can thrive.

We should be able to celebrate our independence in a situation where we are free from diseases that make them unproductive.

In Botha-Bothe, the council should take the lead in ensuring that people live in a clean and healthy environment.

I say this after noting that there is some property whose owners seem not to care about the issue of public health.

The council should see to it that law-abiding citizens are protected from reckless owners of property who seem to be interested only in profits and not the overall lives of people living in their vicinities.

Raw sewage spills into the streets posing a health hazard to the people.

But the council in Botha-Bothe seems not to care.

Burst sewer pipes have been spewing raw sewage over the past three years with the owners and council not doing anything to rectify the situation.

The council should persuade residents to manage their waste in line with internationally accepted standards.

Apart from being a health threat the raw sewage is an eye-sore.

We pray that the Botha Bothe district council will find a solution to this matter soon.

The council must deliver us from the raw sewage.

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