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Dar Haouza historical site set for facelift

by Lesotho Times

The popular historical site of Dar Haouza in the province of Es-Semara, 14km from the Sahara defence wall is set for a major uplift, Morocco’s Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid has said.

Mr. Bensaid commissioned the restoration of the site when he visited the southern provinces of the Kingdom of Morocco on the celebration of the 46th anniversary of the Green March.
Mr. Bensaid said the project will be completed within 10 months, stressing that Dar Haouza was a site of great heritage and cultural importance. The exercise will cost about US$300,000 with the Kingdom’s aim to protect archaeological sites located in the area. In addition, an exhibition hall will be erected.

In a statement, Mr. Bensaid stressed that the restoration of Dar Haouza as a historical monument “is part of the strategy of the Ministry, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, to encourage routes and tourist circuits in the province of Es-Semara, from Laghchiouate, through the site of El Aasli Boukerch to Dar Haouza”.

The project in the southern provinces of the Kingdom is expected to raise awareness of the Hassani heritage as an integral component of the unified Moroccan identity, the Minister added.

He believes it is significantly important to invest in the heritage of the region. Mr. Bensaid was accompanied by the governor of the province of Es-Semara, Hamid Naimi, as well as elected officials, notables and local officials.

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