Cycling federation unhappy with unlicensed driver’s “lenient” sentence


Moorosi Tsiane

THE Federation of Cycling Lesotho (FCL) says it is feeling hard done after an unlicensed driver who knocked down four cyclists during the MGC Bocheletsane Cycling Tour in March this year got a wholly suspended sentence on Friday.

Semegela Sekonyela was also fined M2 000 for reckless driving by the Maseru Magistrate’s Court.

Sekonyela, was driving a 4+1 taxi at the time of the accident.

And FCL public relations officer Malefane Morie told the Lesotho Times this week that they feel the sentence was a miscarriage of justice and the affected cyclists were also disappointed.

“We are disappointed with the sentence which we feel does not do justice to given the crime that he committed,” Morie said.

“After the driver’s lenient sentence, we are worried that other drivers on the road will continue taking cyclists for granted because they know that the sentences, they will get are lenient.

“We are always talking about the development of sport in the country and after a sentence like the one Sekonyela got, I doubt any parent would encourage their children to get into the sport because the laws do not protect them.”

Morie said they were considering to sue Sekonyela for damaged property.

“The bicycles that were damaged in the accident are expensive. The cheapest one costs M19 000 while the most expensive one costs M60 000. So, we are not taking this lying down. The cyclists and the federation will file civil suits,” Morie said.

He said one of the four cyclists who were hit by the car Teboho Khantsi is still walking with crutches while the trio of Francis Ramoolla, Tohlang Rampetla and Masia Rantoetse have fully recovered.

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