Cuban Linx launch party beckons


Mohalenyane Phakela

IT all systems go for tonight’s official launch of the Cuban Linx, an entertainment club located in downtown Maseru amid revelations by the organisers that there will be an exciting pairing of local and South African DJs at the ceremony.

The event starts this evening with a House music session which will run until the early hours of Saturday morning featuring the veteran South Afri8can deep house duo DJs At Work (Vinny da Vinci and Christos) who are popular for hashtags The Deep is Gonna Getcha and Deep from Motherland.

They will be up against the local heavyweights such as Agent K, Mekonko, Tshepzadj, DJ Tseko, Trojan VDH and Spike.

On Saturday South African DJs Vigilante, Spontaneous and Capital will share the DJ booth with locals such as Trybz, Afro DJ, NINE24, Konsept, Kopper, Pablodj, Da Starr, DJ Bootz, Mr Maps, Box Fr3sh, Kats and Smooth.

During the Hip Hop edition Cuban Linx’s resident DJs will be paired with the visiting acts. Normally, local acts are regarded as stage openers, playing when the show starts with the visitors being the closing acts when the event is about to end.

However, the club this week announced that they will pair Trybz against Vigi, NINE24 against Capital and Konsept against Spontaneous. This means that the local DJ will play immediately after the South African act he is paired with.

Trybz said although it would his first time to play at the same event with Vigilante, he was however, not intimidated by the latter.

“Even if the South African DJs come from more advantaged platforms, we do exactly what they do behind the booth.

“Even if this will be the first time playing alongside Vigi, I am not intimidated at all, it will be just like playing after NINE24 or Konsept,” Trybz said.

Speaking to the Weekender from his Johannesburg base, Vinny Da Vinci said that they always enjoyed playing in Lesotho and fans should expect fireworks.

“I enjoy playing in Lesotho as the people and the fans are awesome in that they now know and understand the kind of music I play.

“I will be coming down to Lesotho this Friday with my longtime partner and friend DJ Christos. We will probably do a one-on-one at some point during our sets.

“I have never really planned my sets over the years but I promise a good set nonetheless. Anything goes on the night so people must just come and ‘witness the funk’ in play.”

The MCs will be Ms Kiva Keys alongside Mavele. The launch is sponsored by Jameson Whiskey and Castle Lite and the two beverages will be on sale at discounted prices throughout weekend.

Although the club owners have termed this event as their official launch, the club has been in operation since November last year. They said that the past year of operation was a feasibility phase and they were now ready to officially launch their product to the market.

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