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Crafts fair to showcase creative projects

by Lesotho Times


Mohalenyane Phakela

LESOTHO Mountain Crafts (LMC), is set to host its maiden crafts fiesta dubbed “Lesotho creative Fair and Family Fun Day” at their Teyateyaneng gallery on 14 March.

LMC is an Action Lesotho initiative established in 2012 to provide guidance, support and training to craft workers in Lesotho in the areas of product design, practical skills, information technology, sales and marketing. So far, it has 12 Basotho groups under its umbrella with a range of textiles and materials, including mohair, wool, leather, horn, felt and traditional Seshoeshoe fabric. Their products include wall-hangings, rugs, bags, slippers, sandals, jewellery, cushion covers, felt figures and small souvenirs.

According to Action Lesotho In-country Director, Pippa Kearon, the event is meant to provide local crafters with the platform to showcase their work.

“Lesotho Mountain Crafts intends to provide Basotho crafters from any part of the country, as it is open for everyone, with the opportunity to showcase their products on this given day,” said Kearon.

“This is the first event of its kind which will be held on an annual basis and aimed at uplifting the crafts sector within Lesotho by providing them a commercial platform, community building as well as promoting the tourism sector.

“We also see this as an opportunity for service providers to come and address the crafters about the products that can help them grow their businesses.”

She added that the event is not only for commercial purposes but bringing the community together. Apart from the art and craft stalls as well as cultural displays, there will also be bouncing castles, face painting and information dissemination stalls about craft opportunities in Lesotho at the event with more than 30 crafters expected to showcase their work.

She continued: “Over the past two and a half years, LMC has obtained international consultation in marketing and arts design which has so far helped our members to make quality and attractive products.

“With this correct production, the 12 teams within LMC have managed to create opportunities for other crafters and tap into the international markets as their products now sell in countries such as Canada, United Kingdom and United States of America among others.”

In an attempt to further grow the crafts sector in Lesotho, Kearon mentioned that they have also teamed up with enterprises like BEDCO and the Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture.

“We are also in the process of negotiating with Morija Museum and Archives in order to have one of our projects piloted at their premises since it is one of the tourist destinations which specializes in crafts.”


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