Covid-19 shock at Leribe Craft Centre


Limpho Sello

IN a shocking development, the Leribe Craft Centre has recorded 43 cases of Covid-19, the National Covid-19 Secretariat (NACOSEC) has said.

NACOSEC risk and communication expert Baroane Phenethi told the Lesotho Times yesterday that the 43 cases were discovered after 63 students presented with influenza-like symptoms at Motebang Hospital in Leribe.

This was after a member of staff had tested positive for Covid-19 on 3 November 2020.

Mr Phenethi said the 63 students were then taken to hospital with what they had initially thought was a common cough.

“At Motebang, 47 of the 63 students were then tested and it was found that 43 of them were all positive for Covid-19,” Mr Phenethi said.

“The 47 specimens were collected on 3 November and taken to the National Reference Laboratory (NRL) where they were tested on 5 November 2020 and the results were sent back to the district where the school collected them on 9 November.

“Out of the 47 specimens, 43 of them were positive, two remain probable cases while one has been cleared.”

During their investigations, Mr Phenethi said they found that the students caught a cold while cleaning a flooded classroom after a pipe burst on 15 October and they all believed it was a common flue from the cold they caught on the day.

All the students who tested positive for Covid-19 are admitted at Motebang Hospital where they are recovering.

“While cases have only been recorded at Leribe Craft Centre, we however, held awareness campaigns conscientising the communities about Covid-19 and its dangers.”

NACOSEC is collaborating with the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation in the awareness campaigns that are covering the rest of the district.


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