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Court ‘humiliating’ Moleleki

by Lesotho Times
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By Keiso Mohloboli and Billy Ntaote

MASERU — The Democratic Congress (DC) Youth League has condemned yesterday’s decision by the High Court to visit the home of former Natural Resources Minister, Mr
Monyane Moleleki, to verify his illness.

Mr Moleleki, who is the DC Deputy Leader, failed to turn up in court for the continuation of his corruption trial, allegedly due to illness.
After his lawyer, Advocate Salemane Phafane KC, told the court his client could not make it to court yesterday as he was seriously sick, Acting Chief Justice Tšeliso Monaphathi decided to verify the claim, following a fierce argument by the prosecution, which said it doubted the illness “claims”.

Justice Monaphathi, his assessors, lawyers from both sides, assistant registrars, interpreter and recorder then went to Mr Moleleki’s Qoatsaneng home, where they reportedly found him in bed, and “very sick”.
According to the DC Youth League chairperson, Mr Thuso Litjobo, the visit to Mr Moleleki (63) was unacceptable, and sought to humiliate him.

Speaking at a press conference alongside fellow DC youth leaders, Mr Litjobo accused the prosecution of turning Mr Moleleki’s cancer illness into a joke.
“Ntate Moleleki is seriously ill, but these prosecutors who have always mocked his condition, demanded that they wanted to prove he was really ill by seeing him at his house.
“When they left, even Ntate Moleleki’s lawyers had teary eyes as they were touched and angered by the prosecutors, who showed lack of compassion even when a medical certificate was presented before the court showing his condition had deteriorated,” Mr Litjobo said.
Mr Litjobo further said if people who knew Moleleki were to see him now, they would “all be so sad to find that his condition has become even worse.”
“If you were to see him now, you will feel so touched; his condition has deteriorated and is now worse than the picture they saw in the Lesotho Times following his detention by the police early this year.”

Mr Litjobo further said claims that Mr Moleleki had been going on political trips were unfounded as “I can vouch for him because I am his driver”.
“He only travels between Medi-Clinic in Bloemfontein, and his house here in Qoatsaneng. This is from Monday to Friday, hence I am wondering why he
could be accused of faking his illness.
“He is actually bedridden as we speak. He can only utter a few words and he is losing his voice. I think he can only speak for less than five minutes before he loses his voice,” Mr Litjobo said.

The League’s Deputy Chairperson, Ms ‘Matlotliso Lebajoa Lebajoa, on her part, said “there is no doubt” that Mr Moleleki is ill.
“We are shocked people are making claims that he recently went to Botswana, when he is weak to even sit on his own, without support.
“Actually, Ntate Mosisili told mourners attending our former MP, Bataung Leleka’s funeral that he had strict orders from the doctors not to be in a public place as he would easily contact other diseases,” Ms Lebajoa said.

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